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Improve your Janitorial Cleaning Company

May 24th, 2018   •   No Comments   

Commercial_Janitorial_Cleaning_Austin_1It’s important for a janitorial cleaning company to find innovative ways to improve the quality of services. There is always room for improvement in a janitorial cleaning company and there are ways you can raise the bar in the cleaning industry. The following list will help you improve your janitorial cleaning company.

  1. Report Problems to Clients

Be proactive. Train your cleaning crews to report a problem with you so you can report it to the clients. It’s better to report it right away than to hear it from an unhappy client. If something breaks report it immediately. They won’t be as upset if they hear it from you first.

Create a system for reporting problems. Call a client to explain them a situation before they reach out to you. Reassure them that you are on top of the problem and you will make it right.

  1. As the manager of your company, be in contact with your cleaning crews

It’s important to let your employees know that you care. Always talk with them. Motivate them to do a good job. Motivation is key to have a successful company. See if they need anything to make the cleaning easier on them.

  1. Create cleaning instructions and checklists

Each client is unique. Make sure you create a cleaning instruction sheet for each client and a checklist. This will help the cleaner remember everything they need to do and clean. This will also help you when you are growing. It’s hard to remember all the specific items clients ask for. This will help you always remember. This will also help if you need to change the cleaning crew. You don’t want to forget important items of each client.

There are many things you can do to keep improving your janitorial cleaning company. Make sure to learn from any mistakes, always communicate with your clients and employees, and never leave anything until the last minute. It’s important to be proactive in the cleaning industry.

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