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Should you Buy into a Cleaning Franchise

June 25th, 2018   •   No Comments   

austinskyline1Should you buy into a cleaning franchise? PLEASE considering the following important 5 reasons why you shouldn’t. Prior to owning my company, I worked for a franchise as Director of Operations.

Keep in mind that IF you buy into a franchise, you will need to purchase all equipment: Backpack Vacuum ($350.00), mop-bucket ($50.00), 44 Gal Trash cans ($30.00), etc. Some franchises provide these for “free” if you purchase from them a premium package. We suggest do not go with a franchise and look to be hired by a janitorial company that provides all equipment free of charge to their staff.
Franchises “sell” the cleaning accounts to the franchisees. If the account pays $1,000.00 a month…. and you want in? The franchise will SELL it to you for $3,000 ($1,000 X 3). You pay each month will be $1,000.00 les 21% fees. So you will pay $3,000.00 and you will get $790.00 per month. It will take you 3.39 months of working for free to recover your investment.

Not only will it take 3-4 months to start actually making money, but also keep in mind that some franchises leave 1 entire month of back pay. This means that you will have worked up to 60 days to see your first paycheck. We suggest get hired by a janitorial company and get paid every two weeks with only 1 week back pay.
So lets pretend the items mentioned above are not that bad. Here is the “nail in the coffin” as to why you should not “invest” in being a janitorial franchisee. If you lose a client, the franchise may fine you (again… the cost of the account $1,000 X 3). So now, if we do that match again you will find that you paid $3,000.00 to get the account, spend about $500.00 to get cleaning equipment, got your 1st check 60 days later and now you are being fined $3,000.00. We are now looking at 10 months for you to actually start making any money.
If you are considering buying into a franchise or currently unhappy in one, reach out to a non-franchise janitorial company. Look for a company that will give you free uniforms vs ones that will sell them to you for $10.00 and fine you $50.00 when caught not wearing it.

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