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Different Janitorial Services for Different Types of Buildings: Class A, Class B, and Class C Facilities

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bestcommercialcleaningaustintxDid you know there are different janitorial services for different types of buildings? Buildings are classified as Class A, Class B, And Class C facilities. With a lot of the new construction in the Austin Metro Area, there are plenty of new office spaces to choose from. Well… With the exception of companies like Facebook that are looking for Class A office-space only and with a lot of square footage. Currently, we have a shortage in downtown Austin of Class A Buildings with sufficient square footage vacant for a company with 200+ employees.

What is the difference between these types of buildings? There is really not a black and white nor a scale system to determine the classification of a building. There is normally a bit of a grey side to it.

Class A Facilities:
These buildings are normally the newer structures. They are also known to be nicer made. Example: A marble lobby floor vs carpeted. Class A buildings should also have great locations. In the Austin-Metro Area, a Class A building should be in downtown or within a 10 mile radius from it. In summary, a Class A building is a newer facility, with nice finishes and great location. This normally attracts higher paying tenants.

Class B Facilities:
This is the “2nd Place” facility. Class B buildings are a very good choice for all types of tenants. Perhaps the facility is a bit older but the property manager on site is still in charge of maintaining the building looking like new. In some cases, with a bit of renovation on the flooring types, restrooms and outside of the building, these can jump back up to being a Class A building.

Class C Facilities:
These buildings classified as Class C take 3rd place. There is nothing wrong with these buildings. In some cases, all it means is that the facility is 20-30 years old. Some of these buildings are located in the heart of downtown, but due ot its exterior look, there are a bit less desirable, so the leasing rate is a bit lower. Here in Austin, a lot of these buildings are being remodeled and the end result is a nice looking building with a great location!

At APCS we take care of all types of facilities. And whether they are classified Class A, B or C, we give our clients (hiring property managers) the best customer service in the industry as well as great cleaning services. If you are a property manager that has gotten tired of working with the 3 biggest janitorial companies on Austin, consider expanding your contractor portfolio and adding us as a 4th option. We will exceed your expectations.

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