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Tips on How to Lower your Janitorial Rates in your Office

July 3rd, 2018   •   No Comments   

commercialcleaningcompaniesAustin, TX is a GREAT city to be in. We are one of the top cities in the U.S. in growth, healthy economy, live music, etc. The unemployment rate is Austin is at around 2.9% compared with the rest of the country at 5.2%. Our economy is great… but should you not still be frugal with your operational budget at your company? Here are a few tips on how to lower your janitorial rates in your office without cutting down on labor or decreasing the cleaning frequency.

  • Community trash cans vs individual trashcans at each cubicle. If your company has about 100 employees, and 70% of these are in cubicles or individual desks, this means that you have 70 small trashcans. Its will take the cleaning company about 1.5 hours just to pick up all trash and reline these small trashcans. Here is a brilliant solution…. Remove the 70 small trashcans and add 7 60 gal trashcans with lids in keys areas. Now, your expense will go from 70 trash bags a day to 7 trash bags a day. Now the cleaning crew can handle the trash in 15-20 minutes vs 90 minutes. One less labor hour per clean can translate into HUGE savings. If hourly rate is $15.00/hour and the cleaning crew comes 5X/week: $15.00 X 5 Days X 4.33: $324.75 savings per month!
  • Adjusting the cleaning frequency. Why pay for someone to “dust” your desk daily when it will suffice with once a week? Think about the example below… 70 desks with small trashcans… Now 70 desks to dust daily. Dusting personal space is one item that can be reduced in frequency. PLEASE DO NOT reduce the cleaning frequency in restrooms, break room or conference rooms. These spaces need to be serviced with much higher frequency.

We hope these two items help your budget next time you are out shopping for a new janitorial service.   Feel free to visit our site for a free online quote: Get a quote sent out to your email vs having a company send out a salesperson.

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