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Janitorial Rates for Cleaning Offices in Austin

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OfficecleaningaustinIf you are a new building manager, wouldn’t it be great to know the rates on how much you should be paying for cleaning services? The ideal scenario would be a spreadsheet indicating “X amount of Square Footage = X $ amount”. However, it is not that easy since the rates vary depending on many factors. How much are the janitorial rates for cleaning offices in Austin? The following will give you an idea on how Janitorial Cleaning Companies decide on their janitorial rates.

Example One: An office of 5,000 Sq. Ft. with 20 offices vs a similar office in size, but used as a call center with 60 cubicles? The 60 cubicles = 60 trashcans to collect and to re-line with a new trash bag. This equals more labor.

Example Two: An office of 5,000 Sq. Ft. that is cleaned only once a week vs a similar office in size, but cleaned five times a week. The rate per cleaning will be much higher for the one time per week service than the M-F service. This is due to once a week cleanings are more of a deep cleaning. The carpet needs to be fully vacuumed. In the M-F cleanings, the carpet will be spot vacuumed daily so it will be much quicker.

Going back to “I wish I knew what is a fair cleaning rate”. These rates vary depending on the city, part of town, frequency etc. Here are some rates that will give you a good ballpark for janitorial services in the Austin-Metro Area.

Janitorial Rates for Once a Week: $275.00/Month Plus Tax. Be very careful. IF someone offers you a lesser rate this may mean one of two things.

  1. He or She will do the cleaning. There is nothing wrong with hiring a small cleaning company. Just make sure to ask for proof of liability coverage and references.
  2. The sales person works for a janitorial franchise. They will SELL the account to their franchisee at the monthly rate X 3. This is how they are able to quote $255.00/month vs $275.00 per month. Their profit will come upfront with the sell of the account. Then, the franchisee will be making not a whole lot and the cleaning will reflect that.

Rates for offices less than 3,000 Sq. Ft..

Twice a Week Cleaning Services: $465/month + Tax

Three Time a Week Cleaning Services: $630.00/month + Tax

Five Times a Week: $965.00

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