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Differences in Janitorial Services & Residential Services

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Some people would say, “Cleaning a house is similar to cleaning an office” or vice verse. This article will help point out several differences and help you understand why the difference in pricing and why these two services are not alike.

The cleaning frequency for housekeeping seems to be once a month or twice a month. In a few cases, the client will set reoccurring weekly services. Due to this, the cleaners charge more. If a place is cleaned M-F (like and office) the cleaning is more like a touch-up or maintaining its level of cleanliness. Due to housekeeping services being spread out by 2 weeks, it turns out more into a deep cleaning, which makes the rate higher than that of office cleaning.

The scope of work is also very different between residential cleaning and commercial cleaning. When cleaning a house, it will be expected to do a deep cleaning of the showers and bathtubs. This one task normally takes 30 minutes to an hour. In an office, it is very seldom that there will be a shower and if there is, the shower is not used daily. Due to this, the expectations of cleaning the shower at an office would be more of “as needed” or once a month. Another item that also drives the difference in rates is cleaning of the stove and oven. Similar to a shower, the stove at a home is used daily VS a stove at an office, is rarely used.

A janitorial cleaning company will not be able to clean a home and vice verse. Janitorial staff is trained to be fast and work on the basic items that maintain an office clean like servicing the restrooms, break room, vacuum the carpet, take out trash and clean the reception area. Cleaning staffs make around $12.00 per hour servicing an office. When servicing a home, the cleaning staff will make around $30.00 per hour and will charge a flat rate. Due to this huge difference in rate, a residential cleaner will most likely not take an office at $12.00/hour.

At Austin Professional Cleaning Services we focus solely on commercial cleaning services. Our monthly rates for cleaning an office on a weekly basis start at $260.00/month plus tax.   We are a one-stop shop in regards to maintaining your building or office clean. We offer shampoo carpet cleaning services and floor care on polished cement and VCT tile. We look forward servicing your facility in the near future!

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