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The Rising of Day Porter Rates in Downtown Austin

September 4th, 2018   •   No Comments   

Bathroom cleaning kitWe all know Austin is a great city to live. There are many reasons why we love our ATX. The most important one, that is the main cause for a 16% population growth from 2010 to 2015, is its great economy! Our janitorial company has experienced and benefited from this growth. We have been growing our client portfolio during the last 5 years without a single slow month. A lot of companies from out of state are transferring their headquarters or opening branches in Austin. This means, more buildings to clean.

Some of these companies like to indulge, pamper their employees. Some provide free lunch. Some have fully stocked refrigerators with deli meats, refreshments, coffee bar, and other snacks. With all of these extra goodies/perks, these companies have started looking into getting a day porter to help with these duties. This is to allow their current office manager to focus on other tasks, since his/her list of responsibilities is also growing.

So currently, we have a high demand for day porter jobs in downtown Austin. The ideal day porter should speak English; have great customer service and an even better attendance. Very important, no one wants to have a day porter that calls in sick for the day and his/her work passed down to the office manager. Hours for day porters are normally from 7:30am – 4:00pm. 7:30am may seem a bit early, but one of the duties is to have coffee ready for the morning rush. Currently, the rates for Day Porter services vary from $15.00/hour to $18.00 per hour. Just few years ago, these rates were at around $12.00/hour.

If you have a great day porter that is currently making less than $14.00 per hour, consider giving them an increase before anther janitorial company reaches out to them with a better offer. Make sure your day porter feels he/she is part of the team in your office. If you currently want a day porter but your operations budget is too tight to afford an 8 hours M-F shift, consider reducing the hours to have someone help from 10am (to clean after breakfast) to 2:00pm (to clean after lunch).

At APCS, we have great day porter rates and great employees  that have been with us for 3+ years. Give us a call or send us an email to inquire on our rates! We would love to take care of you janitorial needs!

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