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Increasing Operational Budget for Janitorial Services

October 8th, 2018   •   No Comments   

AustinDeepCleaningServicesEvery business follows a budget. Booming companies may have more of a flexible budget, while others are looking at it more closely to find areas where they can reduce costs. As a small business owner since 2008, I know the importance of staying on budget and making sure there are no unnecessary expenses. However, I have a clear understanding that as the business grows, some of my fixed expenses will increase, like fuel, payroll, etc.

For office managers, as the company grows, most of the expenses will need to be adjusts to support that growth. Example: More copy paper, more coffee cups, lunch for 60 people VS last year’s lunch of 45 people, etc. One item in the budget that is missed most times is the expense going towards contracting a janitorial company. There are two important factors why adjusting your budget for your cleaning company is a must.

  • If your company is growing this means more desks will be occupied and more trash will be generated. Perhaps the cleaning frequency will need to go up from twice a week to three times a week.   When the janitorial proposal was generated 2 years ago, the sales person took into account how many desks were occupied since this give a good estimate on how many trashcans will be around the office.
  • Most employees get annual reviews and depending on their performance, they get an increase ranging from as little as 1% to a big promotion. This same concept should apply for the staff servicing your facility at night, even if they are contractors. Looking into it a bit more, the only contractor is the owner of the janitorial business. He/She hires employees to go clean the offices. The owner will also do annual reviews and increases. In order for a janitorial company to give their employees an increase, they must increase the billable rates to the client.

Next time you are looking at your annual office budget, leave a little wiggle room in case your janitorial company reaches out to you requesting consideration for a 1%-3% adjustment. Janitorial companies work hard to keep their employee turnover rate as low as possible. At APCS we have been extremely lucky and reported cero turnover for 2017. So far, 2018 is looking very good!

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