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Types of Janitorial Companies in Austin

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There are hundreds of janitorial companies in the Austin Metro and even though they all provide janitorial services, there are MANY differences between them and we would like to enlighten you with it. The following are different types of janitorial companies in Austin and which should you hire.

Some janitorial companies are locally owned while others are franchises. A franchise business is a good business when it comes to places like Chick-fil-A, but NOT in the janitorial industry. The profit margins in the janitorial industry are very low. Using a franchise will only mean that after the franchisee pays for his monthly fees, he or she will be left with 20% less which means less labor or services that cut corners.

There are also janitorial companies that ONLY offer basic cleaning services and are not able to provide Carpet-Shampoo Cleaning, Strip & Wax Maintenance for VCT Floors, Window Cleaning Services, Sale of Paper Products at Competitive Prices etc.

So next time you are shopping for a janitorial company ask yourself these questions:

  • Will I need them to provide paper products or am I okay going to Costco?
  • Will you need yearly carpet cleaning?
  • Do you have vct flooring that will need yearly waxing?
  • Other than evening janitorial do you need day porter services?

If you answer yes to any of these, consider hiring a local company but medium size so that they are a one-stop shop and offer multiple services. Visit our site for a list of services our current janitorial clients benefit from.


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