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End of Year Renewing of Janitorial Services

November 27th, 2018   •   No Comments   

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Thanksgiving has passed by and now our focus is on the next holiday… a BIG one! Christmas and New Year celebrations include family time, lots of food, shopping etc. During all of these great distractions, there is still work going on at the office. One mayor task coming up as an office manager, or head of operations, is managing next year’s budget. Will the budget be for janitorial services be the same for 2019? Chances are that if the office is in the Austin-Metro area, business is doing great and the total number of employees might’ve even grown from the last 6 months!

The best way to keep in check the expenses incurred for janitorial services, is to get 2-3 new quotes each year in early December. You can then compare these rates with the ones of your current service provider. To keep it simple… DO NOT hire the lowest bidder IF there is a big gap in pricing. If it is 5% more affordable, then it might be worth giving it a try. DO NOT hire a franchise. Most of them take a 20% franchisee fee from the franchisee that will be cleaning your facility. Most often, this turns into either the crew cutting corners or the crew turning over making room for the next franchisee to give it a go.

We suggest hire local! If your current service provider is doing a good job, consider keeping them, even if a 3% increase during renewal time may be coming your way. This may be a good time to schedule a meeting to renew and to go over once again expectations as well as opportunities. At APCS we do not increase our prices each year. We ask our clients to consider an adjustment after 24 months of service. 100% of this increase goes towards our cleaning staff to keep them motivated and happy!

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