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Requesting a Free Deep Cleaning Service During Thanksgiving Break

November 12th, 2018   •   No Comments   

commercialcleaningcompaniesThat time of the year when it seems we have back-to-back Holidays is here! Now that Halloween is behind us, we have Thanksgiving Break coming up! Thanksgiving Break always falls on a Thursday; will your office be cleaned on Friday? Will your staff work on Friday? Below are a few pointers on how to take advantage of this Holiday to get your office squeaky clean!

If your office currently gets janitorial services, Monday-Friday, reach out to the cleaning company. Share with them that you will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and on Friday. Per the janitorial agreement, Thanksgiving is a recognized holiday, but not Friday. Share with them that they can have Friday off as well but in exchange for a small favor. Give them a short list of items that you would like deep cleaned on Wednesday night, prior to entering the break. It may be helpful for you to schedule a few days prior a walkthrough with their supervisor to create the list.

By doing this, it is a win-win for everybody. Accounting will not have to edit the invoice to account for Friday’s missed service, the cleaning crew will appreciate having a long weekend, and your office will be detailed! Consider doing this during other Holidays where your office staff is off an additional day.

At APCS we proactively offer and do this for many of our clients. This is our way of saying THANK YOU. We suggest a deep cleaning at least once a year. This helps maintain the facility’s professional and impeccable appearance. During these breaks, we also do shampoo carpet cleaning and vct strip and wax of the floors. Our rates for carpet cleaning start at $0.22/Sq. Ft. and for strip and wax $0.35/Sq. Ft.


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