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Janitorial Companies can help with Holiday Party-Clean up

December 11th, 2018   •   No Comments   

austinholidaypartycleaning2018 is coming to an end. We hope this year has been a great one for everybody and their personal achievements. So you have now worked hard for 45+ weeks this year. It is time now to plan a big company Holiday Party to end the year with a bang! I can imagine the list goes on of things to align and purchase for the party. One thing that is normally forgotten about is coordinating who will clean the office after the party. Janitorial companies can help with holiday party-clean up!

If you do not have a janitorial company already servicing the facility, you can call and try to schedule one to come for a one-time cleaning. However, we warn you, a lot of janitorial companies are pretty busy this time of the year. This is do to the growth all business are experiencing as well as some members of the cleaning staff requesting to be off for a week or two during the December Holidays.

If you already have a janitorial company, reach out to them and share with them the date and time of the party. This will help tremendously so the crew can leave your suite for last and also allocate additional hours for that night. Talk about what to do with the left over food. Ok to dispose? Or place in the refrigerator?

If you currently have janitorial services that are less frequent than M-F, consider moving the cleaning date to sync after the party. Example: Cleaning Company comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but the party is on Friday. Ask if OK to move Thursday’s cleaning to Friday. Another option is to keep Thursday’s cleaning so the office looks great for the party and add an additional cleaning for after the party.

If you are planning on hiring cleaning staff to help you after the party, we suggest to book them this week. At APCS we would love to assist with as many Holiday Party Cleanings as possible, but we limit our selves to only 10 new clients during this month. So far we have 3 booked. Give us a call or request a free online quote (http://austincleaning.net/online-quote/)!

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