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Coffee Shops in Austin Partnering with Local Janitorial Companies

February 22nd, 2019   •   No Comments   

austincoffeeshopIf you live in Austin or have visited Austin recently, you are already aware of how spoiled we are with great coffee shops! Most of these are local which makes it a win win! One of my favorites is Summermoon Coffee Bar. If you have not been there, I strongly suggest you go to any of its 3 (soon opening a 4th) locations and ask for a ¼ Moon Late.

Most of these coffee shops have their own staff taking care of the janitorial needs on a daily basis. However, contracting a local cleaning company to help the staff with weekly deep cleaning services is a must. Without a professional cleaning service, there are a few items that will not get cleaned consistently or will be missed. Here are a few examples:

1) High dusting of the air intakes and vents throughout the facility and inside the restrooms
2) Grout Cleaning in the Restrooms
3) Horizontal dusting where the tile-work ends in the restrooms
4) Wipe down of Exterior window-sills

At APCS we are currently assisting several local coffee shops with their weekly deep cleaning. In addition to these types of businesses, we are also working with local breweries and providing them with similar services. Call us today if you want to learn more about the services we offer and schedule a walkthrough to get a Free Cleaning Quote!

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