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Property Managers Needing Janitorial Companies with Built-In Handyman Services

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OfficecleaningaustinProperty Managers, hence their name, oversee and do a lot of tasks at the numerous properties they manage. Starting with lease renewals to looking for new tenants to hiring all types of contractors to help them maintain the buildings. Interesting fact is you rent and office space: One of the biggest built-in expenses in an office lease is the cost for janitorial services. This is why most property managers per the agreement with their tenants, get bids once a year for cleaning services.
Even though property managers get bids each year, this does not necessarily mean they change janitorial companies each year. Changing to a new janitorial company is a lot of work, especially during the first 2-3 weeks of transition. If the current cleaning service provider is doing a solid job, there is a high chance the property manager y will keep them. This however, is as long as the rates continue to be competitive.
Staying Away From Low-Bidding Janitorial Companies: Experienced property managers know to stay away for the lowest bidder. A low bid may mean the janitorial company is too small to handle 100,000 Sq. Ft. A low bid may also mean not the best customer service. A low bid may also mean the sales person for the cleaning co. is very aggressive caring only for his/her commission.
The current rates for evening janitorial services in down town Austin start as low as $0.072/Sq. Ft. This applies for basic office buildings. Class A buildings and medical facilities have higher rate starting at $0.085/Sq. Ft. These rates provided apply only for accounts that are being cleaned M-F. For those smaller accounts in which the janitorial company services the facility two or three times a week, the rates are higher. This is simply due to the building requiring more of a deep clean during each visit due to the reduce frequency.
At APCS we continue to grow and expand our client portfolio. Just in the last 12 months alone, we have experienced growth on each single month. Our clients love that our rates remain fixed for a 24-month period. After our 24-month period we reach out to our customers and request consideration for an adjustment on the rates. We keep these adjustments very conservative and 100% of the increase goes to our staff! Give us a call and see for yourself why we have been named for two years in a row one of the best janitorial companies in Austin!

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