Increasing Operational Budget for Janitorial Services

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AustinDeepCleaningServicesEvery business follows a budget. Booming companies may have more of a flexible budget, while others are looking at it more closely to find areas where they can reduce costs. As a small business owner since 2008, I know the importance of staying on budget and making sure there are no unnecessary expenses. However, I have a clear understanding that as the business grows, some of my fixed expenses will increase, like fuel, payroll, etc.

For office managers, as the company grows, most of the expenses will need to be adjusts to support that growth. Example: More copy paper, more coffee cups, lunch for 60 people VS last year’s lunch of 45 people, etc. One item in the budget that is missed most times is the expense going towards contracting a janitorial company. There are two important factors why adjusting your budget for your cleaning company is a must.

  • If your company is growing this means more desks will be occupied and more trash will be generated. Perhaps the cleaning frequency will need to go up from twice a week to three times a week.   When the janitorial proposal was generated 2 years ago, the sales person took into account how many desks were occupied since this give a good estimate on how many trashcans will be around the office.
  • Most employees get annual reviews and depending on their performance, they get an increase ranging from as little as 1% to a big promotion. This same concept should apply for the staff servicing your facility at night, even if they are contractors. Looking into it a bit more, the only contractor is the owner of the janitorial business. He/She hires employees to go clean the offices. The owner will also do annual reviews and increases. In order for a janitorial company to give their employees an increase, they must increase the billable rates to the client.

Next time you are looking at your annual office budget, leave a little wiggle room in case your janitorial company reaches out to you requesting consideration for a 1%-3% adjustment. Janitorial companies work hard to keep their employee turnover rate as low as possible. At APCS we have been extremely lucky and reported cero turnover for 2017. So far, 2018 is looking very good!

Property Managers Re-Bidding Every Year for Janitorial Services

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OfficecleaningaustinProperty Managers, hence their name, manage a lot of items on multiple properties under their watch. Starting from renewing leases, looking for new tenants, hiring all types of contractors., etc. Did you know that one of the biggest built-in expenses in an office lease is the cost for janitorial services? This is why most property managers go out for bid once a year for janitorial services. It is their responsibility to keep these rates competitive for their leasers.

Even though property managers get bids each year, this does not necessarily mean they change janitorial companies each year. Once all bids are in, if their current cleaning service provider is doing a solid job, there is a high chance they will keep them, as long as the rates continue to be competitive. Experienced property managers know to stay away for the lowest bidder. A low bid may mean the janitorial company is too small to handle 100,000 Sq. Ft. A low bid may also mean not the best customer service.

The current rates for evening janitorial services in down town Austin start as low as $0.070/Sq. Ft. This applies for basic office buildings. Class A buildings have higher rates. Medical buildings will have even a higher rate than of a Class A, starting at $0.085/Sq. Ft. These rates provided as an example apply only for accounts that re being cleaned M-F. For those smaller accounts in which the janitorial company visit two or three times a week, the rates are higher.

At APCS we continue to grow and expand our client portfolio. Just the last 3 years alone, we have experienced growth each single month. Our clients love that our rates remain fixed for a 24-month period. After our 24-month period we reach out to our customers and request consideration for an adjustment on the rates. We keep these adjustments very conservative and 100% of the increase goes to our staff!

Differences in Janitorial Services & Residential Services

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Closeup tile wall in human toilet with toilet, see by urinals and small room.

Some people would say, “Cleaning a house is similar to cleaning an office” or vice verse. This article will help point out several differences and help you understand why the difference in pricing and why these two services are not alike.

The cleaning frequency for housekeeping seems to be once a month or twice a month. In a few cases, the client will set reoccurring weekly services. Due to this, the cleaners charge more. If a place is cleaned M-F (like and office) the cleaning is more like a touch-up or maintaining its level of cleanliness. Due to housekeeping services being spread out by 2 weeks, it turns out more into a deep cleaning, which makes the rate higher than that of office cleaning.

The scope of work is also very different between residential cleaning and commercial cleaning. When cleaning a house, it will be expected to do a deep cleaning of the showers and bathtubs. This one task normally takes 30 minutes to an hour. In an office, it is very seldom that there will be a shower and if there is, the shower is not used daily. Due to this, the expectations of cleaning the shower at an office would be more of “as needed” or once a month. Another item that also drives the difference in rates is cleaning of the stove and oven. Similar to a shower, the stove at a home is used daily VS a stove at an office, is rarely used.

A janitorial cleaning company will not be able to clean a home and vice verse. Janitorial staff is trained to be fast and work on the basic items that maintain an office clean like servicing the restrooms, break room, vacuum the carpet, take out trash and clean the reception area. Cleaning staffs make around $12.00 per hour servicing an office. When servicing a home, the cleaning staff will make around $30.00 per hour and will charge a flat rate. Due to this huge difference in rate, a residential cleaner will most likely not take an office at $12.00/hour.

At Austin Professional Cleaning Services we focus solely on commercial cleaning services. Our monthly rates for cleaning an office on a weekly basis start at $260.00/month plus tax.   We are a one-stop shop in regards to maintaining your building or office clean. We offer shampoo carpet cleaning services and floor care on polished cement and VCT tile. We look forward servicing your facility in the near future!

The Rising of Day Porter Rates in Downtown Austin

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Bathroom cleaning kitWe all know Austin is a great city to live. There are many reasons why we love our ATX. The most important one, that is the main cause for a 16% population growth from 2010 to 2015, is its great economy! Our janitorial company has experienced and benefited from this growth. We have been growing our client portfolio during the last 5 years without a single slow month. A lot of companies from out of state are transferring their headquarters or opening branches in Austin. This means, more buildings to clean.

Some of these companies like to indulge, pamper their employees. Some provide free lunch. Some have fully stocked refrigerators with deli meats, refreshments, coffee bar, and other snacks. With all of these extra goodies/perks, these companies have started looking into getting a day porter to help with these duties. This is to allow their current office manager to focus on other tasks, since his/her list of responsibilities is also growing.

So currently, we have a high demand for day porter jobs in downtown Austin. The ideal day porter should speak English; have great customer service and an even better attendance. Very important, no one wants to have a day porter that calls in sick for the day and his/her work passed down to the office manager. Hours for day porters are normally from 7:30am – 4:00pm. 7:30am may seem a bit early, but one of the duties is to have coffee ready for the morning rush. Currently, the rates for Day Porter services vary from $15.00/hour to $18.00 per hour. Just few years ago, these rates were at around $12.00/hour.

If you have a great day porter that is currently making less than $14.00 per hour, consider giving them an increase before anther janitorial company reaches out to them with a better offer. Make sure your day porter feels he/she is part of the team in your office. If you currently want a day porter but your operations budget is too tight to afford an 8 hours M-F shift, consider reducing the hours to have someone help from 10am (to clean after breakfast) to 2:00pm (to clean after lunch).

At APCS, we have great day porter rates and great employees  that have been with us for 3+ years. Give us a call or send us an email to inquire on our rates! We would love to take care of you janitorial needs!

Janitorial Rates for Office Cleaning, Restaurant Cleaning and Medical Facilities

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Rates for janitorial services vary a lot in Austin. So much that if you get a bid from 3 cleaning companies, chances are that they will all be different. Ever wonder why? There are many factors to this phenomenon.This brief but detailed article will elaborate on a few “whys”.

An Aggressive Sales Person: This is the most common reason why you may getone of your three quotes to be almost 25% less then the other two. A salesperson in a janitorial company has only one function, which is to… SELL. Operations then will inherit the account and will then have to work its magic in making it work. We suggest if possible, try to meet with the operation’s manager vs. a sales person.

Janitorial Companies Trying to Grow Their Client Portfolio: Some janitorial companies may be so small, that the sales person is also the operations department and the cleaning department. There is nothing wrong with this,until they start growing and stretch themselves too thin. These companies can also provide you with the best bang for your buck.

Medical Facilities will normally pay a bit more for their services. There is a need for the cleaning to be more detailed. Example: Mopping daily the hallways vs in office janitorial, spot-mop daily. Cleaning an exam room cleaning a conference room. The same janitorial company will have different types of crews depending on the venue. Usually, the more seasoned staff will handle the medical facilities. BIG mistake if you hire a janitorial company without any experience in cleaning medical facilities. Please ask for references from a similar type of client.

Rates for Cleaning Restaurants: It is somewhat of a common mistake for the restaurant manager to want to pay the most basic rate for his/her cleaning services. It is important to keep in mind two reasons why NOT.

  1. a) The cleaners are not able to come in until 11:00pm or later. This is called the graveyard shift.
  1. b) The cleaners will need to come 7 nights a week with no rest. In some cases, the restaurant has a total of 2 days off in the entire year (Christmas & New Year Day).

If you are looking for a commercial cleaning quote, visit our site and fill out our online form to get a free quote. We will send you a detailed proposal within 24 hours. Our form is very specific and allows you to denote what type of business you are shopping for, its frequency, square footage, etc. Our pricing in our quotes is good for 12 months!

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Janitorial Rates for Cleaning Offices in Austin

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OfficecleaningaustinIf you are a new building manager, wouldn’t it be great to know the rates on how much you should be paying for cleaning services? The ideal scenario would be a spreadsheet indicating “X amount of Square Footage = X $ amount”. However, it is not that easy since the rates vary depending on many factors. How much are the janitorial rates for cleaning offices in Austin? The following will give you an idea on how Janitorial Cleaning Companies decide on their janitorial rates.

Example One: An office of 5,000 Sq. Ft. with 20 offices vs a similar office in size, but used as a call center with 60 cubicles? The 60 cubicles = 60 trashcans to collect and to re-line with a new trash bag. This equals more labor.

Example Two: An office of 5,000 Sq. Ft. that is cleaned only once a week vs a similar office in size, but cleaned five times a week. The rate per cleaning will be much higher for the one time per week service than the M-F service. This is due to once a week cleanings are more of a deep cleaning. The carpet needs to be fully vacuumed. In the M-F cleanings, the carpet will be spot vacuumed daily so it will be much quicker.

Going back to “I wish I knew what is a fair cleaning rate”. These rates vary depending on the city, part of town, frequency etc. Here are some rates that will give you a good ballpark for janitorial services in the Austin-Metro Area.

Janitorial Rates for Once a Week: $275.00/Month Plus Tax. Be very careful. IF someone offers you a lesser rate this may mean one of two things.

  1. He or She will do the cleaning. There is nothing wrong with hiring a small cleaning company. Just make sure to ask for proof of liability coverage and references.
  2. The sales person works for a janitorial franchise. They will SELL the account to their franchisee at the monthly rate X 3. This is how they are able to quote $255.00/month vs $275.00 per month. Their profit will come upfront with the sell of the account. Then, the franchisee will be making not a whole lot and the cleaning will reflect that.

Rates for offices less than 3,000 Sq. Ft..

Twice a Week Cleaning Services: $465/month + Tax

Three Time a Week Cleaning Services: $630.00/month + Tax

Five Times a Week: $965.00

We hope you found this article useful. If you are looking for a quote and do not want to be visited by a sales person, visit our site and get a free quote by filling out our online form: