Benefits of a Clutter Free Desk

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Below are a few ideas to keep in mind toaustin-office-cleaning de-clutter the mind and your desk! When our workday ends, we’re likely to be heading out without much thought to our workspace. It’s the family time or networking with friends that we are looking forward to once 5 o’clock rolls around. Below are a few ideas to the benefits of a clutter free desk.

Less Distraction: Take a look at your desk. Is it stacked with files, paper clips, sticky notes everywhere? If so, just the visual can be a distraction. A desk in disarray is a distraction. Clutter can indicate uncompleted projects all clamoring for our attention every moment of the day. This visual in itself can cause unwanted anxiety. Organization allows our mind to better focus on the most important project of the moment: the one you are working on.

More Freedom: Once your desk is clear, it grants you freedom! Freedom to pursue and focus on the project at hand or of your choosing. Your to-do list is not held captive by the folders or clutter on your desk. It is determined by you even if you are getting direction from someone else.

Increased Reputation. A clean desk indicates a clean and focused mind. It makes you look efficient, accomplished, thorough, and organized. And while nothing can replace a job well done, a clear desk can only help improve your reputation among your co-workers.

If you begin and end your day with organization, clarity and a manageable workstation – your possibilities are endless! You will have freedom, less Distraction and your co-workers will notice your efficiency! You will be the office Super Star!!

Spring Cleaning your Work Space

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Commercial_Janitorial_Cleaning_Austin_1Spring has become synonymous with cleaning. We are compelled by the change in temperature and the general need to organize and bounce into Spring. It has become the go-to season for millions to deep clean homes, the workplace and get rid of unnecessary clutter, and organize things. However, doing these chores isn’t just reserved for the home, they can also benefit your work space. Before you do a complete overhaul of your 40-hour-a-week home, start with this checklist! Let’s get started on Spring cleaning your work space.

Doing office spring cleaning once a year is a great way to insure that your office stays in good condition, and there’s no shortage of spring cleaning tips to help. Deep-cleaning once or twice a year can go a long way, especially for things that don’t get dirty often but seem to gather dirt slowly throughout the year. Now is the time to inspect your office blinds, baseboards and dusting the tops of cabinets and plants. Yes plants! Plants collect their fair share of dust and if you currently do not have a plant service, grab and microfiber towel and gently wipe off plant leaves. Chores that are usually done only once or a few times per year include cleaning ceiling fans, blinds, and baseboards, and dusting the tops of cabinets and tall furniture.

If you have that rock star Office Manager that I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, you can bet she/he is probably on top of the things mentioned below. I’d reason to bet that you’d be the rock star employee if you pitched in every now and then!

Office cleaning always starts by dusting off the tops of the kitchen or break room cabinets and removing or organizing any items that may be on top of the cabinets. Use an all-purpose cleaner and a paper towels to clean the fronts and shelves of the cabinets.

Tackle your catch all drawer or otherwise known as your junk drawer. Okay, you probably have more than one of these. Just go through one drawer at a time and toss or recycle anything you no longer need. Are you the employee that has a dozen dry ink pens? Personal spaces can become a catch all for all of those items you really don’t know what to do with. This is a good time to go through and organize.

Empty the fridge and clean out the drawers and shelves with a microfiber towel and an all-purpose cleaner. Don’t forget to toss old food or containers that are unclaimed after alerting employees about the office spring cleaning.

Make sure all cleaning supplies and items that have been uprooted during the office spring cleaning are returned to their proper places. Next, mark off your cleaning checklist, and you should be good to go.

Here at Austin Professional Cleaning Services, we can tackle even the most difficult cleaning situation. We are only a phone call or email away!

Cleaning Hacks for your Office

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austin-office-cleaningHave you ever thought that a messy and un-kept office could reflect that you can’t handle the work you already have? I’ve outlined a few tips below that can streamline maintaining a tidy and professional clean work space. Instead of investing in expensive cleaners, these cleaning hacks can save you money and time! Below are easy cleaning hacks for your office.

Vinegar for Scissors

Have you ever picked up a pair of scissors and they are sticky or grimy? Here’s an easy fix. Ditch the soap and water, that will only add rust and dullness. Try this instead. Dip a rag in white vinegar and wipe down the blades. Vinegar is something we all have handy and very inexpensive. You can use vinegar to clean all of your metal office products. Works like a charm!

Remove Permanent Marker from White Board

Nearly everyone has accidentally used a permanent marker on a white board at some point. However, there is no need to panic. Simply grab a dry erase marker and write on top of the permanent marker. It should then wipe clean with an eraser or soft cloth.

Cleaning your keyboard

Take a magic eraser to your keyboard. Be sure and squeeze all of the water out of the sponge before using! Viola! A clean keyboard. If you do not have a dust spray can handy, try using a sticky note to get in between the keys. Works every time!


Clean a dirty keyboard by sliding strip of clear tape to get between the key. The dust and dirt will stick to the clear tape and come right off the keyboard. Repeat the step 2 to 3 times for perfect results and increase the longevity of your laptop with this trick.

Below is a list of chemicals you should NEVER use to clean or place near your computer. Be sure and read the labels of your cleaner. Even the slightest amount can do damage.

  • Acetone
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Toluene
  • Ethyl acid
  • Ammonia
  • Methyl chloride


Communal microwaves are always problematic. Unless you have a rock star Office Manager, here is a tip for keeping your microwave fresh and clean.

Put equal amounts of water and vinegar in a microwave-safe bowl (along with a small wooden object, like a toothpick, to prevent boiling or other dangers). Then set it on high for 5 to 10 minutes. Wait a couple minutes to let it cool, then when you open it up, all you have to do is wipe down the inside of the microwave with a sponge or paper towel. Voila! Clean microwave without the hassle of expensive (and often non-effective) cleaners.

You can also add lemon to the mixture for a fresh, clean scent!

Kitchen Sink Disposal

If you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, there is no telling what’s been placed in it. For a quick refresher, put a ½ cup of baking soda in and then run the disposal with the water running on hot. Next, quarter a small lemon and throw it in. Turn on the faucet on hot and run the disposal for 1-2 minutes. The fresh scent of the lemon plus the cleaning power of the baking soda will perk up even the most problematic odors.

Happy cleaning!

Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean and Professional

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austinofficecleaningThe New Year can be a perfect time to start good, new habits. Benefits of a clean office have been shown to increase employee productivity and improving customer perceptions. I’ve outlined below a few tips for keeping your office clean and professional.

1. Clean your desk

Start your New Year by organizing your work space. Begin by removing everything off of your desk. Use microfiber towels and the solution of your choice to thoroughly wipe the surface of your desk.

Do you need 300 paper clips or 7 stacks of Post it Notes? It’s likely that you don’t.  Reduce the clutter. Did you know that most people are more creative with a clean slate? It’s true. Think of it this way, when an artist begins to paint on his/her canvas, its blank! This allows for all of your creative images and ideals to flow more freely.

2. Don’t eat at your desk

Psychologist claim that you need the change of space that a lunch break provides. The average desks over 400 times bacteria (including E. Coli and Salmonella) than the average toilet seat. Let that fact sink in for a moment. Your desk needs to be disinfected on a daily basis! Just this fact alone should encourage you to leave your desk during the lunch hour, stretch, breathe in fresh air and recharge! And remember, no more eating at your desk!

3. Clean computers and electronic equipment

It’s important to clean and wipe down your electronic equipment. Check with your IT Department to see what their preferred method is for cleaning your company issued equipment. There are lots of bacteria hiding in nooks and crannies that you may not know exist!

4. Garbage and Recycling Bins

You want to regularly empty all garbage cans and recycling bins. Designate bins in the kitchen that are specifically for food disposal. Most companies encourage a recycling program and some are mandated by the state in which you live. If your company does not currently practice a cohesive recycling program, start one! You can find information on the internet that will provide guidelines for your state. Initiating a recycling program is surely to be noticed by your peers and supervisor. It might even play into a “bonus” for you at review time. It’s a win, win!

5. Put Yourself in the Client’s Shoes

Walk through your office with the eyes of your customers. Encourage your employees with the task to do the same. What is your first impression? Your clients will take notice of tidy workplace. They will also take notice if the space is unkept, in disarray and unorganized. The latter is absolutely the wrong image. You want to represent yourself to the client or customer as organized and clean. This will show a reflection in how you present your work. Clients DO notice!

6. Hire a professional cleaning service! 

Leave it to the professionals. This is their business and they work hard and diligently to keep their clients satisfied. Commercial janitorial services is a big business and no doubt it can be time consuming vetting the right service for your company. Most janitorial services provide a wide range of services and products to accommodate even the most picky clients. Never be afraid to ask for a specific cleaning product or your method preference for how you’d like to see results. Remember, they are in business to accommodate you!

By following the tips I’ve mentioned on how to clean your office, you can achieve a healthy and environmentally safe and clean work space for you and your employees.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Office

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OfficecleaningaustinYou office could be the place where you spend more time in. Nobody wants to be in a dirty office. Do you know when was the last time your desk was wiped? Can you see all the dust accumulated on your computer or behind it? Is your trash overflowing? Or are the trash bins so dirty that they smell? Deep cleaning your office can take some time, but it’s something that has to be done. The following are the top 3 reasons why you should clean your office.

  1. Health of your employees

The worst thing that can happen in an office is the spreading of germs. Believe it or not, if you clean your office you can cut down illnesses through out the year. If you live in Austin, don’t let allergy season get the best of your employees. Keep your office dust free!

  1. Productivity and efficiency

It’s hard to work in a dirty office. People can’t concentrate in a mess, but your employees don’t have time to clean up after themselves. Hire a commercial cleaning company to take care of the dirty work.

  1. Company image

The company’s image is extremely important. You want your customers to feel welcomed when they enter your office. First impressions mater! You also want your employees to feel happy and that you care about them.

The cleaning frequency of your office can vary, but it’s something that has to be done. We recommend getting a quote from at least three different cleaning companies to see which one can offer the best price and service.

Austin Professional Cleaning Services has been in business since 2008 and offers the best customer service in the Austin Metro Area. Call us today for a free cleaning quote to keep your office clean!

Apartment Complex Cleaning Tips

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ApartmentBuildingEach tenant is in charge of cleaning their own apartments, but who cleans the hallways, gyms and all the common areas in an apartment complex? Keeping the apartment complex clean is extremely. There are many apartment complex cleaning tips that can be helpful. As an apartment property manager, you want to keep all your tenants happy. If you don’t hire a good janitorial cleaning company, you will definitely receive plenty of complaints. You also want to impress future tents. You don’t want to walk around a dirty property. First impressions are very important. The following are apartment complex cleaning tips.

  1. Cleaning up after pets

This is probably the most important thing to do. Most apartments in Austin are pet friendly. Make sure you have doggie stations around the property. This will help keep the property clean. Also, ask people to clean after their pets. Accidents happen. If the property manager doesn’t implement cleanliness people will not clean up after their pets. Stay on top of it. A cleaning company can help by cleaning the hallways and elevators.

  1. Maintenance

Things break, light bulbs burn out, or things get vandalized. If you hire a janitorial cleaning company, ask them to stay on top of it. Janitorial cleaners should walk the property to see if there is anything they need to report or fix.

  1. Trash Pick Up

It’s important to have trashcans easily accessible for residents. It’s also important to keep your property clean. Have your janitorial cleaners pick up trash around the property.

Depending on how big the apartments complex is, you might need to hire a janitorial cleaning company to clean it between 1 to 5 days a week. Make sure you budget for cleaning. The appearance of your building is very important. The following is a job specification list to keep your apartment complex clean.

Daily Cleaning of Building Common Areas

  • Mop floors in hallways and corridors.
  • Vacuum all carpeted floors including lobby and entrance mats.
  • Clean inside entrance areas.
  • Clean all glass entry doors.
  • Clean restrooms.
  • Clean elevator floors and tracks.
  • Disinfect interior elevator walls and control panel.
  • Clean conference rooms.
  • Clean kitchen area counters and sinks and sweep and mop floors.
  • Mop tile floors.
  • Clean drinking fountains and disinfect.

Weekly Cleaning of Building Common Areas

  • High-speed buffing and burnishing of floors in the main thoroughfare hallways and corridors.
  • Clean the carpets in the main thoroughfare hallways and corridors.

Semi-Monthly Cleaning of Building Common Areas

  • Sweep, mop, disinfect handrails, wipe down horizontal surfaces, and spot clean walls in stairwell areas.
  • Replace burned out bulbs and tubes in the stairwell areas.

Annual Cleaning of Building Common Areas

  • Hard surface floors are stripped and waxed.
  • Shampoo carpets