Janitorial Rates for Office Cleaning, Restaurant Cleaning and Medical Facilities

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Rates for janitorial services vary a lot in Austin. So much that if you get a bid from 3 cleaning companies, chances are that they will all be different. Ever wonder why? There are many factors to this phenomenon.This brief but detailed article will elaborate on a few “whys”.

An Aggressive Sales Person: This is the most common reason why you may getone of your three quotes to be almost 25% less then the other two. A salesperson in a janitorial company has only one function, which is to… SELL. Operations then will inherit the account and will then have to work its magic in making it work. We suggest if possible, try to meet with the operation’s manager vs. a sales person.

Janitorial Companies Trying to Grow Their Client Portfolio: Some janitorial companies may be so small, that the sales person is also the operations department and the cleaning department. There is nothing wrong with this,until they start growing and stretch themselves too thin. These companies can also provide you with the best bang for your buck.

Medical Facilities will normally pay a bit more for their services. There is a need for the cleaning to be more detailed. Example: Mopping daily the hallways vs in office janitorial, spot-mop daily. Cleaning an exam room cleaning a conference room. The same janitorial company will have different types of crews depending on the venue. Usually, the more seasoned staff will handle the medical facilities. BIG mistake if you hire a janitorial company without any experience in cleaning medical facilities. Please ask for references from a similar type of client.

Rates for Cleaning Restaurants: It is somewhat of a common mistake for the restaurant manager to want to pay the most basic rate for his/her cleaning services. It is important to keep in mind two reasons why NOT.

  1. a) The cleaners are not able to come in until 11:00pm or later. This is called the graveyard shift.
  1. b) The cleaners will need to come 7 nights a week with no rest. In some cases, the restaurant has a total of 2 days off in the entire year (Christmas & New Year Day).

If you are looking for a commercial cleaning quote, visit our site and fill out our online form to get a free quote. We will send you a detailed proposal within 24 hours. Our form is very specific and allows you to denote what type of business you are shopping for, its frequency, square footage, etc. Our pricing in our quotes is good for 12 months!

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Janitorial Rates for Cleaning Offices in Austin

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OfficecleaningaustinIf you are a new building manager, wouldn’t it be great to know the rates on how much you should be paying for cleaning services? The ideal scenario would be a spreadsheet indicating “X amount of Square Footage = X $ amount”. However, it is not that easy since the rates vary depending on many factors. How much are the janitorial rates for cleaning offices in Austin? The following will give you an idea on how Janitorial Cleaning Companies decide on their janitorial rates.

Example One: An office of 5,000 Sq. Ft. with 20 offices vs a similar office in size, but used as a call center with 60 cubicles? The 60 cubicles = 60 trashcans to collect and to re-line with a new trash bag. This equals more labor.

Example Two: An office of 5,000 Sq. Ft. that is cleaned only once a week vs a similar office in size, but cleaned five times a week. The rate per cleaning will be much higher for the one time per week service than the M-F service. This is due to once a week cleanings are more of a deep cleaning. The carpet needs to be fully vacuumed. In the M-F cleanings, the carpet will be spot vacuumed daily so it will be much quicker.

Going back to “I wish I knew what is a fair cleaning rate”. These rates vary depending on the city, part of town, frequency etc. Here are some rates that will give you a good ballpark for janitorial services in the Austin-Metro Area.

Janitorial Rates for Once a Week: $275.00/Month Plus Tax. Be very careful. IF someone offers you a lesser rate this may mean one of two things.

  1. He or She will do the cleaning. There is nothing wrong with hiring a small cleaning company. Just make sure to ask for proof of liability coverage and references.
  2. The sales person works for a janitorial franchise. They will SELL the account to their franchisee at the monthly rate X 3. This is how they are able to quote $255.00/month vs $275.00 per month. Their profit will come upfront with the sell of the account. Then, the franchisee will be making not a whole lot and the cleaning will reflect that.

Rates for offices less than 3,000 Sq. Ft..

Twice a Week Cleaning Services: $465/month + Tax

Three Time a Week Cleaning Services: $630.00/month + Tax

Five Times a Week: $965.00

We hope you found this article useful. If you are looking for a quote and do not want to be visited by a sales person, visit our site and get a free quote by filling out our online form: http://austincleaning.net/free-quote

Different Janitorial Services for Different Types of Buildings: Class A, Class B, and Class C Facilities

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bestcommercialcleaningaustintxDid you know there are different janitorial services for different types of buildings? Buildings are classified as Class A, Class B, And Class C facilities. With a lot of the new construction in the Austin Metro Area, there are plenty of new office spaces to choose from. Well… With the exception of companies like Facebook that are looking for Class A office-space only and with a lot of square footage. Currently, we have a shortage in downtown Austin of Class A Buildings with sufficient square footage vacant for a company with 200+ employees.

What is the difference between these types of buildings? There is really not a black and white nor a scale system to determine the classification of a building. There is normally a bit of a grey side to it.

Class A Facilities:
These buildings are normally the newer structures. They are also known to be nicer made. Example: A marble lobby floor vs carpeted. Class A buildings should also have great locations. In the Austin-Metro Area, a Class A building should be in downtown or within a 10 mile radius from it. In summary, a Class A building is a newer facility, with nice finishes and great location. This normally attracts higher paying tenants.

Class B Facilities:
This is the “2nd Place” facility. Class B buildings are a very good choice for all types of tenants. Perhaps the facility is a bit older but the property manager on site is still in charge of maintaining the building looking like new. In some cases, with a bit of renovation on the flooring types, restrooms and outside of the building, these can jump back up to being a Class A building.

Class C Facilities:
These buildings classified as Class C take 3rd place. There is nothing wrong with these buildings. In some cases, all it means is that the facility is 20-30 years old. Some of these buildings are located in the heart of downtown, but due ot its exterior look, there are a bit less desirable, so the leasing rate is a bit lower. Here in Austin, a lot of these buildings are being remodeled and the end result is a nice looking building with a great location!

At APCS we take care of all types of facilities. And whether they are classified Class A, B or C, we give our clients (hiring property managers) the best customer service in the industry as well as great cleaning services. If you are a property manager that has gotten tired of working with the 3 biggest janitorial companies on Austin, consider expanding your contractor portfolio and adding us as a 4th option. We will exceed your expectations.

Do property managers hire medium size janitorial cleaning companies?

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austincleaningAustin, our beautiful city with so much to offer keeps growing by the day! Growing with new house-construction, new businesses, more job openings due to the very low unemployment rate, etc. A lot of the new businesses are start-up companies or transfers from California. All of this has created a need for more janitorial cleaning companies. Do we have new janitorial cleaning companies in Austin TX? Do property managers hire medium size janitorial cleaning companies?

New janitorial cleaning companies are probably being born every week in Austin. Unfortunately, these companies are not getting contracted by property managers to service their high-rises in the downtown area. This makes sense. It is hard to hire a new company in any industry to take on a huge, important task. These new medium size janitorial companies are starting to grow gradually with small offices that need cleaning once a week and are under 5,000 Sq. Ft.

Property managers, for the norm, hire large janitorial companies. Assuming “large” correlate directly with great cleaning services. The top 2 companies in the Austin Metro area that clean a big percentage of the high-rises are: PJS and ABM. These two companies have been around for quite some time and do business nation wide. They look appealing and a safe bet for property managers to hire them to take care of their facilities.

In the recent 3-5 years, property managers have started to realize that medium size janitorial companies may be also a very good option to have under their contractor portfolio as a plan B. In some cases, PJS or ABM do not get their cleaning contracts renewed after two years due to inconsistency in the cleaning per the tenant’s feedback. In other cases, it is due to the lack of customer service. And in some cases, it is strictly due to another company offering a lower cleaning rate per square footage. After all, a big percentage of what a tenant pays for his/her monthly lease goes towards janitorial expenses.

So next time you are looking for a janitorial company to take care of a building of 100,000 Sq. Ft. or more, consider contracting a medium size company. These normally offer the best rates per square footage starting at around $0.073 Sq. Ft. and They also work hard to offer the best customer service in the industry. This is where “hiring local” makes sense!

Why Restaurants in Austin Need Professional Cleaning Services

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commercialrestaurantcleaningDuring the last few months we have had quite a few restaurants in the Austin-Metro area reach out to us for a restaurant cleaning service quote. Some have asked us to provide pricing on FOH (front of the house) only and some for both, FHO and BOH. Half of these restaurants are reaching out to us because they are not satisfied with their current service provider. The other half has decided to “test the waters” and switch from going in-house to contracting a company. Why restaurants in Austin need professional cleaning services and not have in-house cleaning?

There are several important reasons why you should hire a restaurant cleaning service provider and not take care of the cleaning in-house. Here are the top 3 reasons why:

  • Employees call in sick: Who will clean the restaurant when one of the employees calls in sick on a busy Saturday night? The rest of the team will pitch in, but it is very unlikely that the cleaning will be done at 100%. By having a janitorial company, you GM avoid these problems. If someone in a cleaning company calls in sick, the janitorial company sends out another crew to cover for the night.
  • Employees going on vacation: Similar to the 1st example, if you employee that handles the cleaning of the restaurant goes on vacation for one week, someone else will need to cover his/her duties.   By having a cleaning company, you do not have to worry about time off.
  • Purchasing expensive equipment: Most kitchen floor needs to be machine scrubbed regularly. We have restaurants that we actually run the auto-scrubber nightly vs. mopping. There is a big difference in how much cleaner a floor and the tile grout is when using an auto-scrubber than when you have someone just mop. By hiring a janitorial company, they will provide the auto-scrubber, chemicals etc. Small, chorded auto-scrubbers start around $2,500.00. Auto-scrubbers that run on battery start at around $4,000.00

If you are running a restaurant and someone calls in sick, keep us in mind. We provide free janitorial quotes and honor the pricing for the next 24 months.

Tips on How to Lower your Janitorial Rates in your Office

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commercialcleaningcompaniesAustin, TX is a GREAT city to be in. We are one of the top cities in the U.S. in growth, healthy economy, live music, etc. The unemployment rate is Austin is at around 2.9% compared with the rest of the country at 5.2%. Our economy is great… but should you not still be frugal with your operational budget at your company? Here are a few tips on how to lower your janitorial rates in your office without cutting down on labor or decreasing the cleaning frequency.

  • Community trash cans vs individual trashcans at each cubicle. If your company has about 100 employees, and 70% of these are in cubicles or individual desks, this means that you have 70 small trashcans. Its will take the cleaning company about 1.5 hours just to pick up all trash and reline these small trashcans. Here is a brilliant solution…. Remove the 70 small trashcans and add 7 60 gal trashcans with lids in keys areas. Now, your expense will go from 70 trash bags a day to 7 trash bags a day. Now the cleaning crew can handle the trash in 15-20 minutes vs 90 minutes. One less labor hour per clean can translate into HUGE savings. If hourly rate is $15.00/hour and the cleaning crew comes 5X/week: $15.00 X 5 Days X 4.33: $324.75 savings per month!
  • Adjusting the cleaning frequency. Why pay for someone to “dust” your desk daily when it will suffice with once a week? Think about the example below… 70 desks with small trashcans… Now 70 desks to dust daily. Dusting personal space is one item that can be reduced in frequency. PLEASE DO NOT reduce the cleaning frequency in restrooms, break room or conference rooms. These spaces need to be serviced with much higher frequency.

We hope these two items help your budget next time you are out shopping for a new janitorial service.   Feel free to visit our site for a free online quote: http://austincleaning.net/free-quote. Get a quote sent out to your email vs having a company send out a salesperson.