Janitorial Companies Getting Ready for SXSW 2019!

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bestcommercialcleaningaustintxWhether you live in Austin or not, you have probably heard about this great two week event that takes places in the capital city of Texas.   The idea to create an event that focuses on entertainment and media was thought of back in 1986 and the first SXSW event was born a year later on March 1987!

This event brings people to Austin from all over the country. It is great for the city’s economy as well as for the music and film industry. Thousands of visitors come to Austin during this two week long event. Hotels are booked to capacity, restaurant’s sales soar and companies host multiple events. With all of this extra activity, janitorial companies are contracted to clean after events and parties. Similar to hotels being booked to capacity, janitorial companies tend to get booked quickly.

At Austin Professional Cleaning Services, we focus on our reoccurring clients. We will make sure we have availability to assist them with any special requests during the SXSW festival. However, we also take on 3 additional one-time events for non-reoccurring clients.   We would love to take on more business, but we do not want to compromise the quality of the services we provide.

Our afterhours cleaning rates during SXSW events start at $350.00. Our Day Porte Rates start at $16.00/hour with a minimum booking for 4 hours per day. If your office is planning an event during SXSW make sure you book a janitorial co. a.s.a.p. before it is too late.

Click here for the music lineup with more than 50 bands: https://schedule.sxsw.com/2019/3/11/events/type/showcase?group=venue



Coffee Shops in Austin Partnering with Local Janitorial Companies

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austincoffeeshopIf you live in Austin or have visited Austin recently, you are already aware of how spoiled we are with great coffee shops! Most of these are local which makes it a win win! One of my favorites is Summermoon Coffee Bar. If you have not been there, I strongly suggest you go to any of its 3 (soon opening a 4th) locations and ask for a ¼ Moon Late.

Most of these coffee shops have their own staff taking care of the janitorial needs on a daily basis. However, contracting a local cleaning company to help the staff with weekly deep cleaning services is a must. Without a professional cleaning service, there are a few items that will not get cleaned consistently or will be missed. Here are a few examples:

1) High dusting of the air intakes and vents throughout the facility and inside the restrooms
2) Grout Cleaning in the Restrooms
3) Horizontal dusting where the tile-work ends in the restrooms
4) Wipe down of Exterior window-sills

At APCS we are currently assisting several local coffee shops with their weekly deep cleaning. In addition to these types of businesses, we are also working with local breweries and providing them with similar services. Call us today if you want to learn more about the services we offer and schedule a walkthrough to get a Free Cleaning Quote!

Janitorial Companies can help with Holiday Party-Clean up

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austinholidaypartycleaning2018 is coming to an end. We hope this year has been a great one for everybody and their personal achievements. So you have now worked hard for 45+ weeks this year. It is time now to plan a big company Holiday Party to end the year with a bang! I can imagine the list goes on of things to align and purchase for the party. One thing that is normally forgotten about is coordinating who will clean the office after the party. Janitorial companies can help with holiday party-clean up!

If you do not have a janitorial company already servicing the facility, you can call and try to schedule one to come for a one-time cleaning. However, we warn you, a lot of janitorial companies are pretty busy this time of the year. This is do to the growth all business are experiencing as well as some members of the cleaning staff requesting to be off for a week or two during the December Holidays.

If you already have a janitorial company, reach out to them and share with them the date and time of the party. This will help tremendously so the crew can leave your suite for last and also allocate additional hours for that night. Talk about what to do with the left over food. Ok to dispose? Or place in the refrigerator?

If you currently have janitorial services that are less frequent than M-F, consider moving the cleaning date to sync after the party. Example: Cleaning Company comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but the party is on Friday. Ask if OK to move Thursday’s cleaning to Friday. Another option is to keep Thursday’s cleaning so the office looks great for the party and add an additional cleaning for after the party.

If you are planning on hiring cleaning staff to help you after the party, we suggest to book them this week. At APCS we would love to assist with as many Holiday Party Cleanings as possible, but we limit our selves to only 10 new clients during this month. So far we have 3 booked. Give us a call or request a free online quote (http://austincleaning.net/online-quote/)!

Commercial Lease with Built-In Janitorial Service Too Basic?

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commercialcleaningcompanies2018 is coming to an end and our company has grown its client portfolio with a diverse clientele! Our clients vary from start-up companies, to daycares and entertainment venues like Top Golf. We also service clients all over Austin Metro Area and even in the heart of downtown. All of our clients reach out to use looking for great cleaning services as well as the best customer services in the area. Each client has unique needs in regards to their janitorial services. Is their commercial lease with built-in janitorial service too basic?

The most interesting requests we received were from companies that already have Monday-Friday evening janitorial services provided via their property manager, which is built in their lease. Even though they are already paying for janitorial services (a percentage of their monthly lease payment) they realized their office is still a little dirty and need a better cleaning solution. These clients reached out to us asking to add additional weekly cleaning services so that we could help fine tune the cleaning and provide deep cleaning services.

The three most common items these clients requested were:

  • Deep Cleaning of the kitchen area and break rooms.
  • Thorough dusting and wiping down of personal desks.
  • A spotless reception and conference area.

Based on these three requests we can tell that businesses in Austin really care about having a clean working space for their employees. Keep us in mind for your 2019 janitorial needs. We strive ourselves in not only providing janitorial services, but also providing the best cleaning solution with the best customer service in the industry!

Determining The Right Cleaning Frequency for Your Office

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austincommercialcleaningThis year  is soon coming to an end. With that in mind, it is time to start working or polishing up on the 2019 budget. If you are an office manager, CFO, or just simply wear a lot of hats in the office, you are probably the one in charge of approving the budget for janitorial services in the office. This article will be very help determining the right cleaning frequency for your office and what type of janitorial cleaning service is needed. In some cases, clients are over paying due to the last sales visit from a janitorial franchise.

Lets start by evaluating the square footage vs. the number of employees. A 40,000 Sq. Ft. facility with only 10 employees may not need janitorial services M-F. Another 40,000 Sq. Ft. facility with higher foot traffic and 30 + employees will definitely need to be serviced M-F, especially the restroom areas. If you have determined that your facility does need cleaning services M-F, but you also know that next year’s budget is being cut by 15%, then the next step is to customize the cleaning work-scope.

A customized cleaning work-scope will help you identify which items need to be cleaned Monday-Friday and which items can be done with a lesser frequency. Restrooms and employee break rooms must be cleaned daily. However, the vacuuming can be done M/W/F and save you a bit of cleaning labor from Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Another big item that can cut down on cleaning labor is the amount of trashcans throughout the office. It is not necessary to have 1 small trashcan next you everybody’s cubicle. This is very time consuming for the cleaning crew to pick up trash from 100 trashcans and tie 100 knots when relining these trashcans. Consider implementing community trashcans. You can eliminate having 100 small trashcans and replace them with 10 40-60 gallon community trashcans. It will take the cleaning crew 1/3 of the time to stop by ten trashcans and tie 10 knots vs stopping by 100 trashcans and tying 100 knots.

If you are looking into 2019’s budget and would like a customized janitorial proposal, reach out to us. We can help you identify areas where you can cut down on cleaning labor. Give us a call or visit our website and fill out our online form (http://austincleaning.net/online-quote) to get a quote emailed to you within 24 hours.

End of Year Renewing of Janitorial Services

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Closeup tile wall in human toilet with toilet, see by urinals and small room.

Thanksgiving has passed by and now our focus is on the next holiday… a BIG one! Christmas and New Year celebrations include family time, lots of food, shopping etc. During all of these great distractions, there is still work going on at the office. One mayor task coming up as an office manager, or head of operations, is managing next year’s budget. Will the budget be for janitorial services be the same for 2019? Chances are that if the office is in the Austin-Metro area, business is doing great and the total number of employees might’ve even grown from the last 6 months!

The best way to keep in check the expenses incurred for janitorial services, is to get 2-3 new quotes each year in early December. You can then compare these rates with the ones of your current service provider. To keep it simple… DO NOT hire the lowest bidder IF there is a big gap in pricing. If it is 5% more affordable, then it might be worth giving it a try. DO NOT hire a franchise. Most of them take a 20% franchisee fee from the franchisee that will be cleaning your facility. Most often, this turns into either the crew cutting corners or the crew turning over making room for the next franchisee to give it a go.

We suggest hire local! If your current service provider is doing a good job, consider keeping them, even if a 3% increase during renewal time may be coming your way. This may be a good time to schedule a meeting to renew and to go over once again expectations as well as opportunities. At APCS we do not increase our prices each year. We ask our clients to consider an adjustment after 24 months of service. 100% of this increase goes towards our cleaning staff to keep them motivated and happy!