Nightly Cleaning Services for your Office

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austinofficecleaningCommercial Cleaning Services focus on satisfying specific customer’s needs. Each customer is different. Some clients might just require nightly cleaning services; other might require a deep cleaning service. Cleaning companies can customize different packages for nightly cleaning services for your office that will meet all your needs and budget.

Nightly cleaning services are usually the most affordable. A cleaning team comes at night once the office is closed. They take care of your facility so that the space is clean for your employees and customers in the morning. Cleaning companies have highly trained teams that will perform the work according to the contract.

Nightly cleaning services usually consist of the following tasks:

  • Floor Vacuuming and Mopping
  • Carpet and Rug Vacuuming and Maintenance
  • Trash Removal
  • Dusting
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Restroom Cleaning
  • Restocking Consumables

Another thing that nightly cleaning crews check is if a light is out in the office, if a dispenser is broken, and if there are any leaks or toilets broken. The cleaners report anything they see to their managers who always inform the client.

Commercial cleaning companies offer quality services that help your facility or office space look beautiful each day. Contact Austin Professional Cleaning Services for a free quote today!

How does a facility manager find the right janitorial cleaning company?

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bestcommercialcleaningaustintxOutsourcing a janitorial cleaning company has been a smart move for facility managers, but there are many cleaning companies to choose from. Janitorial cleaning companies ensure your facility stays attractive, safe and healthy for your employees and visitors. Finding the right cleaning company can be challenging. How does a facility manager find the right janitorial cleaning company?

When looking for a janitorial service, it’s important to interview at least 3 to 5 candidates. The following are questions you must ask in the interview process:

  1. What’s your turnover rate?
  2. Do you conduct background checks?
  3. Are your team trained?
  4. Do you have similar clients? (Ask for recommendations)
  5. Do you conduct inspections?

Facility managers are always looking for ways to reduce costs. Janitorial cleaning companies can help. Cleaning companies can get you a good price on consumables like paper products, can liners, etc. They can also keep let you know when you need to place an order so you don’t over spend on products. Another way cleaning companies can help you reduce cost is by turning off lights at the end of the night.

Austin Professional Cleaning Services has trained employees to take care of your facility making your job easier! Call us today for a free cleaning quote!

Reduce employee turnover in the cleaning industry

September 26th, 2017   •   No Comments companies have very high turnover due to the type of work and hours of cleaning, but there are ways to reduce employee turnover. How do you reduce employee turnover in the cleaning industry? There are many things you can do to help reduce employee turnover. The following are great tips that can help.

  1. Train your employees when your first hire them

Training your employees as soon as your hire them is crucial to reduce employee turnover. They need to start by knowing all your company rules, learn how to do each task properly and effectively, and be professional. Create a manual for them. This will help guide them if any problem arises. Don’t forget to offer training sessions to older employees too. There is always something new an employee can learn.

  1. Hire long term employees

Find employees that pursue cleaning as a career and not just for temporary employment. When interviewing them, ask them about their future goals and interests in a cleaning position. You want someone that will grow in your company.

  1. Conduct quarterly reviews

Always encourage your employees to go above and beyond their normal duties. Give them reviews. Make sure not to only tell them what they do wrong. You need to emphasize on things they do right and on what they need to improve on.

  1. Reward your employees

You need to show your employees that they are important and you appreciate their hard work. Reward them once in a while. If they feel appreciated they will probably not leave their job.

For a cleaning company to be successful they need to have great employees. Make sure you train them properly, take care of them, and keep them happy. Motivation is key. Keep them motivated to work hard each day. Austin Professional Cleaning Services has been in business since 2008. We have properly trained employees that will do a great job at cleaning your office or facility. Call us today for a free cleaning quote!

Dirtiest Item in an Office

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dirtiestitemPeople automatically assume that you can find the most germs in the restrooms. Yes, restrooms can be pretty gross, but are they the dirtiest item in an office? Do you know what the dirtiest item in an office is? It will probably gross you out once you find out!

The dirtiest items in an office are the following:

  1. Phone: Can you believe that telephones are on the top of the list? They even have more germs than toilets. If you work in an office, I would recommend that you buy Clorox wipes and clean your phones at least once a week.
  2. Desktop Surfaces: When was the last time you cleaned your desktop surfaces? Probably never.
  3. Keyboards: Same goes for your keyboard. Keyboards can contain around 3,300 germs.
  4. Mouse: Also, your mouse. Make sure you wipe all your office equipment at least once a week.
  5. Toilet Seats: Studies show that toilets are 400 times cleaner than all of the other items in an office.

Make sure all these items are wipe with a disinfecting wipe at least once a week. Give your employees Clorox wipes and make sure they each disinfect their desks. Also, ask your janitorial cleaning company to do a deep cleaning of your office at least once a month or quarterly. Make sure all doorknobs and light switches are being disinfected. Cleaning all these items will prevent the spread of germs.

Tasks a Commercial Cleaning Company Performs

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austincommercialcleaningCompanies are always finding ways to cut cost and maximize profits, but cleaning is something they should never cut cost on. Business managers and employees don’t have time to clean their own office. That is why it’s important for a business owner to hire a commercial cleaning company as they focus on thoroughly cleaning the office from top to bottom. A commercial cleaning company can create a cleaning plan for your facility. The following are task a commercial cleaning company performs.

Daily Cleaning Tasks:

  • High and low dusting
  • Clean office desks, tables, bookshelves, etc.
  • Emptying waste baskets
  • Vacuum floors and carpets
  • Mop floors
  • Clean kitchen and break room
  • Clean restrooms
  • Clean outside patios

Deep Cleaning Tasks:

  • Dust all light fixtures
  • Dust all air vents
  • Clean all baseboards
  • Sanitize all doorknobs, counter-tops, chairs, etc.
  • Clean floors under furniture
  • Deep clean and disinfect restrooms
  • Deep clean kitchen and break room

Commercial cleaning companies can also do window cleaning, strip and wax, floor buffing, carpet cleaning, and so many other types of jobs. Hire a commercial cleaning company that can offer all of these services to you. That will help you save time and money. Some janitorial companies also offer prices on consumables. This is great because they usually can get great deals for you. You also won’t have to worry about buying toilet paper, paper towels, etc. They get is for you and can even deliver it. Always ask about consumables when asking for a quote from a cleaning company. Austin Professional Cleaning Services offers the best janitorial cleaning services in the Austin Metro Area. Call us today for a free cleaning quote!


Mistakes Cleaning Companies Need To Prevent

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cleaningaustinCleaning sounds like an easy job until it’s your turn to clean. Then you realize there are many things you need to be properly trained for. Making cleaning mistakes can cost your company a lot of money. The following are mistakes cleaning companies need to prevent.

Using The Wrong Cleaning Products

This is a big mistake. If you use the wrong chemicals on floors you can ruin them. Always make sure you know what type of floors they have. Are they linoleum, tile, or marble floors? They are each cleaned with different chemicals. Consult the manufacture for the best cleaning products.

Using The Wrong Cleaning Equipment

Are they vacuuming your floors with the right vacuum attachment? If they are using the wrong attachment they can scratch your floors. This can cause a lot of expensive damage. If you notice the floors being scratch report it immediately to the cleaning company.

Using Dirty Cleaning Equipment

Is the cleaning company taking care of the cleaning equipment? Are they washing the mops and rags? Cleaning with dirty equipment only spreads more germs and can be gross. Are they using the same dirty rag that they used to clean the restroom to clean the kitchen? Make sure the cleaning company properly labels their cleaning supplies. You need to be careful with cross contamination.

Cleaning companies need to properly train all their cleaning crews. If the cleaning crews are not trained they can cause your business a lot of damage. Cleaning mistakes can happen. Make sure all crews learn from the mistakes so that they aren’t repeated. Austin Professional Cleaning Services has well trained cleaning crews. We focus on avoiding the above and many other mistakes that cleaning companies can make. Call us today for a free cleaning quote!