Prepare your Facility for the Flu Season

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Pretty black woman blowing her nose with a tissue outdoor in winter. Young african woman getting sick with flu in a winter day. Woman with a cold rubs nose with handkerchief.

While at the doctor this week, I was reminded that once again it’s flu season. The flu season usually starts in October and doesn’t tend to wind down until as late as May. Yikes – these are prime months for the outbreak and we all know how quickly it can spread. While my doctor’s office discussed the importance of the flu vaccination, I was reminded how important it is to also ensure our facilities stay clean and germ free as well. Cleaning professionals are often on the frontlines when it comes to battling virus outbreaks and can decrease the impact of an outbreak within your facility.

Here are some tips as to how you can help prepare your facility for the flu season:

  1. Invest in more regular deep cleanings and carpet cleanings – Many dust particles are comprised of dead skin cells that can still transmit illnesses. To reduce the risk of infection, a deep cleaning is necessary
  2. Have disinfectant readily available and easily accessible. Having it available near doorways or entry ways that experience heavy traffic is ideal. If you don’t have these already installed, your cleaning company can often do this for you
  3. Remove trash daily and wash trash containers regularly – your cleaning company should be able to do this for you
  4. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water – again, your cleaning company can ensure the dispensers are in place and they are being refilled regularly
  5. Encourage sick employees to stay home – managers and leaders should set the example here and do the same

The key to preventing the spread of the flu virus is to stop it from the start. Those in the cleaning profession play an essential role here as they are the frontline specialists charged with cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting areas where infectious diseases may be present. Be diligent in ensuring your cleaning team is being aggressive on this front and you can help protect your staff and yourself.

Summer Coming to an End – Busy Back-To-School Approaching

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residencialcleaningAs summer is wrapping up and we’re all planning for new school schedules and routines, life starts to feel busy quickly. Am I right?  Raise your hand if you’re feeling overwhelmed just thinking about Back-to- School schedules – after school activities, sports, super early wake-up times, school lunches, early bedtime routines, orientations, and the list goes on and on. It takes all of us a few weeks, or dare I say months, to settle into our new routines. In the meantime, while things are a bit hectic, Austin Professional Cleaning Services does have one solution we’re excited to tell you about.

Did you know we now have a sister company that is solely focused on residential cleaning?  While we have been offering this service as needed for all of the years we’ve been in business, we are now putting more focus into this business and we are beyond excited to tell you about it. We’ve made it so EASY too and would love for you to check it out and give us your real honest feedback. You can literally get an instant quote(s), book your service and pay all at once within our secure site. For those of us with too much to do already, this is as SIMPLE as it gets. And as if that weren’t enough, we will send you reminders by both text and email so there is no forgetting that these cleaning fairies will be showing up at your house.

So while Back-to-School can indeed be stressful, take one item off your plate, even if just for a short time, while you settle into the new routine. Having your home sparkling clean can only leave room for more time doing what YOU want to do. That’s why we stand by our motto: You Book. We Clean. You Go Live Your Life.

So go check us out at and take advantage of this initial 15% off coupon initial offer: Housekeepers15. And also, please share this goodness with your friends. We all need something to get excited about!

Property Managers at UT Student Housing Condos

July 22nd, 2019   •   No Comments beautiful city continues to grow each day by approx. 150 people. The number of condos being built in the Austin-Metro Area is also increasing each year! Some of these condos are being built solely for student housing.   APCS services multiple student housing sky-rises in the downtown area. Most recently, we expanded our service to the San Marcos areas servicing student housing for Texas State University.

The services these student-housing facilities need vary depending on the property and the amenities they have on site. In some places, we offer weekly housekeeping services inside all of the apartments. In other locations, we take care solely of the common areas like the lobby, gym, pool, cafeteria, restrooms, etc.

Property Managers managing these facilities are always looking to get bids for the housekeeping services each year. This allows them to stay on budget as well as manage the quality of the services being provided. As our city continues to grow, so does the need for more reputable janitorial companies to partner with and assist the property managers with the maintenance of their facilities.

APCS is a one-stop-shop in Austin. We offer all of the services needed to maintain a property all year round. We offer Day-Porter Services starting as low as $15.00/hour. Our Maintenance/Handy-Man services start at $20.00/hour.  Machine Scrub & Reseal Polish Cements starting at $0.40/Sq/ Ft. and much more!


Property Managers Needing Janitorial Companies with Built-In Handyman Services

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OfficecleaningaustinProperty Managers, hence their name, oversee and do a lot of tasks at the numerous properties they manage. Starting with lease renewals to looking for new tenants to hiring all types of contractors to help them maintain the buildings. Interesting fact is you rent and office space: One of the biggest built-in expenses in an office lease is the cost for janitorial services. This is why most property managers per the agreement with their tenants, get bids once a year for cleaning services.
Even though property managers get bids each year, this does not necessarily mean they change janitorial companies each year. Changing to a new janitorial company is a lot of work, especially during the first 2-3 weeks of transition. If the current cleaning service provider is doing a solid job, there is a high chance the property manager y will keep them. This however, is as long as the rates continue to be competitive.
Staying Away From Low-Bidding Janitorial Companies: Experienced property managers know to stay away for the lowest bidder. A low bid may mean the janitorial company is too small to handle 100,000 Sq. Ft. A low bid may also mean not the best customer service. A low bid may also mean the sales person for the cleaning co. is very aggressive caring only for his/her commission.
The current rates for evening janitorial services in down town Austin start as low as $0.072/Sq. Ft. This applies for basic office buildings. Class A buildings and medical facilities have higher rate starting at $0.085/Sq. Ft. These rates provided apply only for accounts that are being cleaned M-F. For those smaller accounts in which the janitorial company services the facility two or three times a week, the rates are higher. This is simply due to the building requiring more of a deep clean during each visit due to the reduce frequency.
At APCS we continue to grow and expand our client portfolio. Just in the last 12 months alone, we have experienced growth on each single month. Our clients love that our rates remain fixed for a 24-month period. After our 24-month period we reach out to our customers and request consideration for an adjustment on the rates. We keep these adjustments very conservative and 100% of the increase goes to our staff! Give us a call and see for yourself why we have been named for two years in a row one of the best janitorial companies in Austin!

Janitorial Companies Getting Ready for SXSW 2019!

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bestcommercialcleaningaustintxWhether you live in Austin or not, you have probably heard about this great two week event that takes places in the capital city of Texas.   The idea to create an event that focuses on entertainment and media was thought of back in 1986 and the first SXSW event was born a year later on March 1987!

This event brings people to Austin from all over the country. It is great for the city’s economy as well as for the music and film industry. Thousands of visitors come to Austin during this two week long event. Hotels are booked to capacity, restaurant’s sales soar and companies host multiple events. With all of this extra activity, janitorial companies are contracted to clean after events and parties. Similar to hotels being booked to capacity, janitorial companies tend to get booked quickly.

At Austin Professional Cleaning Services, we focus on our reoccurring clients. We will make sure we have availability to assist them with any special requests during the SXSW festival. However, we also take on 3 additional one-time events for non-reoccurring clients.   We would love to take on more business, but we do not want to compromise the quality of the services we provide.

Our afterhours cleaning rates during SXSW events start at $350.00. Our Day Porte Rates start at $16.00/hour with a minimum booking for 4 hours per day. If your office is planning an event during SXSW make sure you book a janitorial co. a.s.a.p. before it is too late.

Click here for the music lineup with more than 50 bands:



Coffee Shops in Austin Partnering with Local Janitorial Companies

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austincoffeeshopIf you live in Austin or have visited Austin recently, you are already aware of how spoiled we are with great coffee shops! Most of these are local which makes it a win win! One of my favorites is Summermoon Coffee Bar. If you have not been there, I strongly suggest you go to any of its 3 (soon opening a 4th) locations and ask for a ¼ Moon Late.

Most of these coffee shops have their own staff taking care of the janitorial needs on a daily basis. However, contracting a local cleaning company to help the staff with weekly deep cleaning services is a must. Without a professional cleaning service, there are a few items that will not get cleaned consistently or will be missed. Here are a few examples:

1) High dusting of the air intakes and vents throughout the facility and inside the restrooms
2) Grout Cleaning in the Restrooms
3) Horizontal dusting where the tile-work ends in the restrooms
4) Wipe down of Exterior window-sills

At APCS we are currently assisting several local coffee shops with their weekly deep cleaning. In addition to these types of businesses, we are also working with local breweries and providing them with similar services. Call us today if you want to learn more about the services we offer and schedule a walkthrough to get a Free Cleaning Quote!

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