Professional Cleaning Service for Restaurants in Austin TX
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Professional Cleaning Service for Restaurants in Austin TX

July 23rd, 2013   •   No Comments   

If you are a General Manager (GM) at a restaurant or own a restaurant in Austin, TX, we suggest you consider outsourcing a professional cleaning service.  Think about it… the last thing your bartender and waiting staff wants to do after a long shift is clean.  Is your crew professionally trained to clean thoroughly and efficiently?

Our company services quite a few restaurants in the Austin-Metro Area.  The main reason why our clients hire us is so that they have one less thing they have to worry about so they can focus on the daily operations of running the restaurant and kitchen.

What happens if you are short-staffed one night and your staff has to work double-shifts? Will they have energy left to clean once their shift is over? What happens is your bartender does not thoroughly clean the bar… a lot of fruit flies! Did you know that the only way to avoid Fruit Flies is to clean the bar every night? Make sure your staff cleans the spouts of all bottles and especially the bottles with sugars like… Margarita mixes, juices, etc. Once the spouts have been cleaned, you will need to cover them as well. The floors inside the bar area and around the bar will get spills throughout the night. These floors and mats will need to be mopped or washed daily as well.

Do not depends on your waiters or assistant managers to clean your restrooms, especially if you restaurant is open for late nights. It is a fact that after 10pm, after 2-3 drinks, the restrooms start getting a lot more usage and a lot dirtier.  Cleaning a restroom is not only wiping counters, cleaning mirrors and trash removal. Cleaning a restroom also requires wash-mopping the grouted floors near the toilets and urinals. Urine usually falls in the porous grout and a quick mop will not remove the urine. This is the number one cause for smelly restrooms.

Contracting a commercial cleaning company has its benefits. If you are not satisfied with the work, you can terminate the contract on that same day without having to have on file much documentation. We all know that to terminate an employee, you will need to have plenty of documentation on file to ensure you will not lose the unemployment requests.

Contracting a commercial cleaning company will also lower the number of employees. This results in a savings in health insurance, employment taxes and worker’s compensation benefit.  Cleaning companies are contracted (not hired) through a W9.

If you are looking for an experienced janitorial cleaning company in Austin TX to clean your restaurants and business feel free to contact us. Austin Professional Cleaning Services offers 24 hour on-call service. Our specialized and trained crews carry the right equipment to do a great job! We are also fully insured in liability with coverage up to 2 million dollars.  Call us today to receive a FREE CLEANING QUOTE.

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