Controlling Office Clutter for a Cleaner Environment
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Controlling Office Clutter for a Cleaner Environment

January 9th, 2014   •   No Comments   

As has been learned in various studies, a clean office is a more productive office. Controlling office clutter for a cleaner environment is very important. Of course, having a lot of clutter lying around makes it more difficult for professional cleaning companies to do their jobs well and to clean your office space more effectively. But how does clutter affect your productivity? Not only does a cluttered office make it more difficult to perform tasks, there are a variety of reasons why clearing out the clutter just makes good business sense.

Improved Attitude

A neat and organized office space leads to an improvement in mood, according to researchers at Tufts University. Employees were more likely to be happy and content with their position in a company, as well as more productive, when their workspace was both clean and clutter free. Happy employees also experience fewer sick days, so it pays off to keep things tidy.

Health Benefits

The main source of clutter in most office buildings is paper. Paper seems to multiply before our very eyes until we are drowning in a sea of it. But it is not only difficult to work like this; it can also be a health risk. Paper contains paper mites, microscopic insects that live in paper, particularly when there are large amounts of it in one area. Paper mites, similar to dust mites, can cause an increase in allergies and asthma, as well as causing skin irritation due to their bites. Try reducing the amount of paper by scanning and electronically storing documents. The ultimate goal for many is a completely paper-free workplace.

Easy Access for Cleaning Company

Of course, it bears repeating that it is difficult for your professional cleaning company to truly clean your office if it is full of paper and other clutter. There may be areas unable to be accessed to vacuum or dust because of clutter. In order to get your full money’s worth from your janitorial company, be sure to keep the clutter to a bare minimum to make their task simpler, keeping your workplace cleaner.

Getting and staying organized can be a challenge; however, it is well worth it in the long run. Happier and healthier employees and a cleaner office are all rewards in their own right. The increase in productivity is simply the icing on the cake.

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