Benefits of Hiring a Janitorial Company vs Housekeeping Employees
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Benefits of Hiring a Janitorial Company vs Housekeeping Employees

February 26th, 2015   •   No Comments   

cleaningofficeaustinThere are certainly Pros and Cons on having a Janitorial Company over having your very own housekeeping employees servicing your office space. This article will help you be aware of the Pros & Cons and also allow you to then make an educated decision on what best fits your current needs. The benefits of hiring a janitorial company vs housekeeping employees are:

Pros – Your employee has paid time off. Who will clean your facilities during those 2 weeks? If you hire a janitorial company, while the day porter is out on vacation, it is the cleaning company’s job to send in a sub while the assigned day porter is out on vacation. Should you take the route of hiring an employee to service your facility, the office will not be serviced while this employee is on vacation, maternity leave, paternity leave, sick time, etc.

Pros – Paying a Janitorial CONTRACTOR vs paying employee taxes. When hiring a Janitorial company, they will provide you with a W9 for you to file at the end of the year all the monthly invoices you paid them. If you hire an employee, every time you run payroll, you will be paying employment taxes, social security, federal taxes, etc.

Pros – High turnover in the cleaning industry. Do you have time to re-train a housekeeper employee every time you have turnover? Or, why not leave it to the janitorial company to train any new housekeepers for when they experience the turnover.

Pros – Do you have time to do daily cleaning inspections? Why not leave it to the janitorial operations manager or supervisor to conduct the inspections and just shoot you and email report at the end of each day.

Cons – Taking your time to hire the perfect janitorial service provider. You must do your do diligence when contracting a janitorial company. If you hire the wrong company you may experience issues like:

1)     Housekeeper did not show up and the place was not serviced

2)     The restrooms were not restocked in the evening

3)     Did the company do a background check or drug test on the staff they sent to service your facility?

No that you are aware of the key Pros & Cons, you will be able to decide on what works best for your current cleaning needs. Outsourcing or hiring? If you decide outsourcing is the most cost-effective, convenient solution, then give us a call and we will gladly generate a customized janitorial proposal!

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