What Facility Managers Should Consider When Reopening Facilities due to COVID-19
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What Facility Managers Should Consider When Reopening Facilities due to COVID-19

April 14th, 2020   •   No Comments   

commercialcleaningcompaniesJanitorial Companies are in high demand right now and we are being asked a good deal of questions by our clients and prospects in regards to COVID-19. Due to this, we would like to take a moment to offer some information as expectations and cleaning procedures in our field are ever changing with this new virus.

Should I consider additional services as I start to make plans to reopen my facility?
Short answer, it depends on what types of services you are already paying for. Now is a great time to start planning for the reopening of your facility. And as you’re planning for the reopen, be sure to include your janitorial company because if there are additional staffing needs or products needed, your janitorial company will need to know this information as agreements may need to be updated and potential staffing considerations will need to be assessed.

Add Additional Services – Regular weekly or biweekly services will not be enough to ward off this type of virus as it does tend to linger for up to 3-4 days on some surfaces. Depending on how much foot traffic you have in your office, you many want to consider adding additional services temporarily. Unless your staff is cleaning on the off days, we recommend M-F cleaning services at a minimum during this time.

Day Porter Services – For our larger clients, you might want to consider adding day porter services to disinfect conference rooms, restrooms, door handles and other frequently touched surfaces every hour.

Fogging Disinfection Services – We do have a fogging machine that is great for disinfecting large rooms and surface areas so if this is something you are interested in, let us know.

Disinfectant Stations – Another thing you might want to consider is to have disinfectant stations installed at all entry points if this is not something you already have.

What type of disinfectant does APCS use?
We use a neutral disinfectant that cleans, disinfects and deodorizes all hard surfaces such as plastic, Formica, chrome, toilets, sinks, countertops and floors. It is proven to be effective against corona viruses and meets CDC cleaning guidelines.

How hard is it to get hand sanitizer right now?
Currently Purell is back-ordered for 4-5 weeks as the brand is giving priority to hospitals and medical facilities. We do have access to other hand sanitizer brands, although this could change very quickly as all sanitizer products have been in high demand for the last month. If you currently order consumable products through us, let us know if you would like for us to place an order.

What’s the status of soap and paper products? How hard are they to get through the APCS vendor?
We do have access to soap and paper products and they are not yet in backorder. If you currently order consumable products through us, we shouldn’t have a problem continuing to supply these products for you.

Reach out if you have other questions that we can help you with as you are working through plans to reopen your facility. We know this is a challenging time and we want to provide as much assistance as we can. Over the last week, we have sat in on conference calls with our clients and their teams to talk through solutions and procedures so if this is something you would like to do, let us know.

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