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Hiring a janitorial cleaning company guide

I s this your first time hiring a janitorial cleaning company? Here are the questions you should be asking the companies when going out for bids: Franchise vs Local – Is the company a franchise company or a local company? Here’s why this is important, franchises have VERY different business practices and incentives for themselves. Be aware of what those are...
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Schedule deep cleaning services

M any of us are still working from home and either not going into the office at all or going in only as needed.  While some of your facilities are still in shutdown mode, it’s important to continue to have regular cleaning services to maintain the space. Our recommendation is to have a deep cleaning service at least once monthly....
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Keep your office holiday party safe

T he holidays are around the corner and many of us are very excited, but is your office having a holiday party this year? Last year many offices had virtual holiday parties. This year many things have changed, especially with many employees being vaccinated, offices have opened back up. How can you keep your office holiday party safe? The following...
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