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Cleaning companies offer many different types of services to their customers. Nightly janitorial cleaning services are sometimes not enough for companies with high traffic or companies that wish to provide their staff with the best experience at work.

Some of our clients have recently reached out to us to request a day porter. In addition to the evening cleaning services we already provide.  There is a difference between day porters and janitors. Even though they tend to have similar tasks this article will point out a few of the differences to help you choose what your facility needs.

Day Porter Services

Day porters are in charge of making sure all areas in the building are well maintained throughout the day. Some of the most important areas day porters take care of is the kitchen. The kitchen gets a lot of use during the first 2 hours of the morning with coffee and snacks. Later in the day, around lunch time, the kitchen will again be used heavily, especially the microwaves, tables and sinks. Our day porters are in charge of cleaning and maintaining these areas at all times. The day porter is also in charge of restocking food and beverages. 

Another area that our day porters will assist with are the restrooms. Restrooms at a facility with more than 15 employees need to be cleaned around the clock. This is to ensure the counters are wiped down, a quick mop of the floors to dry any spills, and restock.

Evening Janitorial Cleaning Services

Although day porters and janitors have similar tasks, at night, the janitors are able to vacuum without disturbing anyone on phone calls, o a thorough mop without worrying someone will slip and fall. Evening cleaning staff will spray-disinfect and wipe down all desks, fixtures, as well as take out the trash. 

We recommend hiring a full service janitorial  company that offers both services. Both the day porter and the janitors communicate with each to other ensure the cleaning services are running smoothly day and night. Our workcopes for day porters are fully customizable to fit our client’s specific needs. Call APCS to learn more about the different services we offer to see which one works best for you.