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P roperty Managers and building engineers are more busy than ever. They have to juggle many tasks nowadays that include day-to-day work orders from the tenants.. One of the more important tasks for them is to find a reliable commercial cleaning company that also offers maintenance services for the building. It is challenging for a facility manager to have different vendors. The ideal scenario for a property manager is to have one company do it all. Finding a janitorial cleaning company that offers a variety of services will be not only more cost effective but will also save time getting quotes and scheduling the jobs.  Here are some benefits:

What are the benefits?

1.     Cost Savings

By hiring fewer companies to do multiple services for you, you might be able to get a better price as the services can be bundled.

2.     Reliability

Once you hire a janitorial company that offers more than just cleaning, it will be easier to manage the work orders coming in.  The accounting department will also love to cut one check to one vendor vs multiple checks to multiple vendors.

3.     Giving Access to The Building

It is more convenient for your business to give out one key to one vendor vs providing several vendors with access to the building.

4.     Better Communication

When dealing with fewer companies, you only have fewer points of contact. That makes it easier for you to communicate what is needed week-to-week.

If you are on the look-out for a new commercial cleaning company, make sure to ask and learn about all the services they offer. Many commercial cleaning companies can also provide window cleaning services, floor care services, carpet cleaning services, handyman services, and the list could go on. Many also offer consumables at a much lower rate than what you are paying your current vendor.