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W hen was the last time your warehouse was cleaned? Usually, businesses get quotes from janitorial cleaning companies to clean the main office spaces plus the warehouse restrooms but not the warehouse itself. Should the warehouse in your office be cleaned as well? Consider asking your janitorial company for a price for warehouse cleaning services.

Warehouses are usually really dirty and dusty and also so big that  it can be pretty costly to add to your cleaning budget. APCS recommends doing a deep cleaning twice a year or every three months. The following are services your janitorial cleaning company can provided to keep your facility and warehouse cleaned:

Employee Restroom Cleaning: Make sure the bathrooms are added on the weekly janitorial cleaning services of the office. The cleaning company doesn’t have to clean the rest of the warehouse but the restrooms are a must. Warehouse restrooms have a high traffic and are usually really dirty. It’s important to focus a lot of energy on cleaning and sanitizing the bathrooms for employee health and safety.

Machine Scrubbing Services: It can be hard to clean the floors of the warehouses on a daily or weekly basis. We suggest you have at hand a 36 inch flat mop to do a quick sweep daily. Then, ask your janitorial cleaning company to provide an auto scrubber service every 3 months. This machine will leave your floors squeaky clean as well as remove stains.

High-ceiling and Wall Dusting: The ceiling and walls accumulate a lot of dust and cobwebs. It’s really hard to clean but it should be cleaned at least once a year. The ceilings of the warehouses are rarely cleaned. Make sure you ask your cleaning company for an annual high dust. Depending on the height, they might need a scissor lift.

Pressure Washing Services: Depending on the type of warehouse you have; you might need to pressure wash certain areas like loading docks. Another area that you could need to have pressure washed is by the dumpsters and front entrance.

Contact us to see how we can help keep your warehouse cleaned and sanitized.

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