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M any of us are still working from home and either not going into the office at all or going in only as needed.  While some of your facilities are still in shutdown mode, it’s important to continue to have regular cleaning services to maintain the space. Our recommendation is to have a deep cleaning service at least once monthly.

Regular cleaning services will help prevent bug and cobweb buildup and prevent stains from setting in on sinks and toilets that aren’t in use. As well, it will ensure your A/C intakes are kept clean from dust and debri buildup. Regular cleaning services will also help ensure your facility is in tip-top shape, so that when your team makes the decision to go back to work in the office, the space will be ready to go.

One more point, if your team has been primarily working remotely, you may not be aware of some additional services your commercial cleaning crew is now offering and that now is the best time to schedule since the facility is vacant.  Here are a few services that come to mind that you should consider to help your employees feel safe as you reopen your space:

  1. Electrostatic Fogging Disinfecting Services – can be scheduled as a regular recurring service or as an emergency service if a COVID-19 case is suspected in the workspace
  2. Regular Deep Cleaning Services
  3. Day Porter Disinfecting Service during the hours of high employed traffic
  4. Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care Services

Reach out and ask us how these services can benefit your workspace. And as always, we are here to help your office space stay clean so your team can stay healthy