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With the global emphasis on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, the value of green buildings has skyrocketed. Achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is at the forefront of many businesses’ objectives. But did you know that a commercial cleaning company could be your secret weapon to achieving this gold standard? Let’s delve into how.

1. What is LEED Certification?

LEED, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), is the most widely recognized green building certification. It signifies that a building or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at improving performance, increasing energy savings, and reducing carbon emissions.

2. The Role of Commercial Cleaning

You might wonder, “How does cleaning tie into this?” Here’s how:

a. Eco-Friendly Products:

Commercial cleaning companies that focus on green cleaning prioritize environmentally friendly products. These products, devoid of harmful chemicals, align perfectly with the eco-centric principles of LEED.

b. Reduced Water Usage:

By employing state-of-the-art cleaning techniques, commercial cleaners can reduce water waste. This water conservation can be a significant factor in obtaining LEED points.

c. Efficient Equipment:

Modern commercial cleaning companies use equipment that reduces energy consumption. Whether it’s energy-efficient vacuums or reduced-power lighting, these small changes can cumulatively make a big difference.

3. Indoor Environmental Quality:

LEED places a significant emphasis on indoor environmental quality. A proficient commercial cleaning company can help improve indoor air quality, reduce pollutants, and ensure a healthier, more productive environment. This not only benefits the occupants but also earns crucial LEED points.

4. Waste Management:

An essential aspect of LEED certification is waste reduction and proper waste management. Your chosen commercial cleaning company can establish protocols for recycling and disposing of waste responsibly, aligning with LEED’s requirements.

5. Continuous Maintenance:

Achieving LEED certification isn’t a one-time affair. To maintain the status, continuous adherence to its standards is necessary. A commercial cleaning company can offer consistent cleaning schedules, ensuring you remain in compliance long-term.

6. Expert Consultation:

Some top-tier commercial cleaning companies have in-depth knowledge of LEED requirements. They can offer consultations, suggesting areas of improvement, and helping streamline your path to certification.


While architecture, design, and construction play undeniable roles in achieving LEED certification, the importance of an efficient commercial cleaning company cannot be overlooked. By partnering with the right cleaners, you can effortlessly integrate sustainable practices into your daily operations, edging closer to that coveted LEED certification.

Boost your chances of LEED certification by choosing a commercial cleaning partner that prioritizes sustainability, efficiency, and excellence. Call Austin Professional Cleaning Services to learn more!