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Property managers have many responsibilities. Their responsibilities vary from marketing the building, collecting rent, repairs, and much more! Within all their responsibilities, keeping the building clean and in top-notch conditions is at the top of the list. Giving this responsibility to a janitorial company is a match made in heaven and here is why.

1.     Save Time and Money

When hiring the perfect commercial cleaning company, find one that offers more than just cleaning. Most commercial companies offer other services like carpet shampoo cleaning, strip and wax of VCT floors, window washing, etc. Hiring one company that does all these other jobs saves property managers a lot of time and money. Janitorial companies can also take care of ordering and delivering supplies, like toilet paper, trash can liners, hand soap etc. These items are of a lot of help for property managers.

2.     Maintaining High Level of Cleanliness

Hiring a professional cleaning company can sharpen your business image. The first impression of a customer when entering a building is very important. Buildings are classified differently. For example, Class A,  B and C. Be mindful that not every cleaning company is qualified to clean Class A buildings. When property managers are hiring a cleaning company, they need to make sure they hire the correct one for their needs.

3.     Keeping Employees and Clients Safe

With everything that has been happening in the past two to three years, keeping your employees and clients safe is a property manager’s top priority. It’s very important to have all common spaces in your property cleaned and disinfected. For example, make sure caution wet floor signs are properly placed around the building when a cleaner is mopping or on a rainy day.  A well trained custodian is aware of small details like these.

A professional janitorial  company is among the biggest allies to a property manager. Building a good relationship between both are very beneficial. The cleaning company you hire will make sure to keep your property in good shape making your tenants happy. If you are a property manager looking to renew services, feel free to reach out to us at 512-269-5389 to obtain a free proposal.