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Business for Bars is Booming after Covid-19 Reopening

June 21st, 2021   •   No Comments   

It was a rough year for bars and restaurants with Covid-19 but finally things are getting better and soon back to normal. It’s nice to see some of our old clients reopening. Things for sure are starting to feel like it’s back to normal. However, things have definitely changed in the cleaning protocols. You probably don’t notice but businesses have changed their cleaning routines and increased the cleaning frequency with their janitorial company. Take a look at the new cleaning routines for bars reopening after Covid-19.

1.     Deep Cleaning

To protect your employees and customers, businesses have to create a deep cleaning routine. You need to not just thoroughly clean but now also disinfect every area where people have access to. Businesses and Janitorial cleaning companies also have had  to change the cleaning products they use. They need to use products that provide lasting protection against viruses and bacteria.

2.     Cleaning of Back and Front of the House

Most restaurants hire cleaning companies and have them just focus on either the front of the house or the back of the house. It’s important to clean both equally. The back of the house can have a lot of bacteria that can easily spread. In the front of the house, you need to make sure you are disinfecting all tables and chairs after each customer. Clients appreciate the cleaning protocol too and will want to go back if they feel safe.

3.     Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Cleaning Schedule

There are items that you need to be constantly cleaning and disinfecting to keep your facility safe. Make a list and stay on top of those items consistently. Work with your janitorial company to create a work scope  that is customized specifically to fit your space’s needs with a cleaning schedule to help the cleaner stay on track. Creating checklists helps keep track of what needs to be cleaned daily, weekly and monthly and ensures nothing is left untouched.

Even though some of these cleaning routines existed before Covid-19, not all of them were properly followed. Customers will be expecting the highest level of cleanliness from your business. Make sure cleaning and disinfecting routines are a top priority.

Questions to Ask when hiring a Janitorial Cleaning Company

June 2nd, 2021   •   No Comments   

Commercial cleaning services have become vital due to Covid-19, especially now that businesses are opening back up. Your employees and customers are trusting you that they are entering a clean and safe workplace. Hiring a commercial cleaning company is extremely important with the reopening of offices but how do you know which cleaning company to choose? Here are some things to lookout for:

1.     Detailed Work Scope

Does the cleaning company have a detailed work scope listing the frequency of how often items and areas will be cleaned? Having a work scope helps you understand which services will be performed and at what frequency.  Starting off with a precise work scope will help to set clear expectations and in turn your cleaning company will be able to offer a consistent cleaning experience.

2.     Reference Checks

Does the commercial cleaning company have experience with similar buildings like yours? Make sure to ask for at least 3 references. Also, it’s important to check their Yelp and Google reviews to see what their current and former clients are saying about the services.

3.     Employee Training

Are the employees being trained by the janitorial company? Ask about their training programs and if their employees are being trained specifically for Covid-19. Are they following CDC cleaning guidelines?

4.     Cleaning Chemicals

Ask the cleaning company what chemicals they are using to clean and disinfect. Are they using a chemical that is approved and recommended by the EPA to protect you from potential viruses? You can always ask the cleaning company to give you a list of cleaning products they use and the safety data sheets.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company that focuses on these details will ensure the safety of your employees and clients. When interviewing janitorial companies, these details can spark questions which can help you understand if the company will be a fit for your cleaning needs.

Hiring a Janitorial Company that Offers Building Maintenance

May 19th, 2021   •   No Comments   

Property Managers and building engineers are more busy than ever. They have to juggle many tasks nowadays that include day-to-day work orders from the tenants.. One of the more important tasks for them is to find a reliable commercial cleaning company that also offers maintenance services for the building. It is challenging for a facility manager to have different vendors. The ideal scenario for a property manager is to have one company do it all. Finding a janitorial cleaning company that offers a variety of services will be not only more cost effective but will also save time getting quotes and scheduling the jobs.  Here are some benefits:

What are the benefits?

1.     Cost Savings

By hiring fewer companies to do multiple services for you, you might be able to get a better price as the services can be bundled. 

2.     Reliability

Once you hire a janitorial company that offers more than just cleaning, it will be easier to manage the work orders coming in.  The accounting department will also love to cut one check to one vendor vs multiple checks to multiple vendors.

3.     Giving Access to The Building

It is more convenient for your business to give out one key to one vendor vs providing several vendors with access to the building.

4.     Better Communication

When dealing with fewer companies, you only have fewer points of contact. That makes it easier for you to communicate what is needed week-to-week. 

If you are on the look-out for a new commercial cleaning company, make sure to ask and learn about all the services they offer. Many commercial cleaning companies can also provide window cleaning services, floor care services, carpet cleaning services, handyman services, and the list could go on. Many also offer consumables at a much lower rate than what you are paying your current vendor.

Important Guidelines For Reopening Your Office

April 21st, 2021   •   No Comments   

After a year of uncertainty, we are starting to see more and more office spaces reopen. Even though Covid-19 cases have dropped and many are getting vaccinated, you may still find it important to help your employees feel safe as they return back to the work space. Here are some things employers can do to ensure employees feel safe. 

1.    Create Covid-19 Signage:

Make sure you have the appropriate signage around the office to keep people informed and as a reminder to wear a mask (if you are requiring that), to disinfect and/or wash hands frequently.

2.     Encourage Work from Home (if applicable):

If an employee is feeling sick, it’s better if they stay home. Consider having a quick online survey for them to fill out every morning if you feel that is necessary. Also, have a checklist with Covid-19 symptoms and send home any employee that has any of the symptoms.

3.    Encourage Social Distancing:

If necessary, you may ask employees to still wear face masks and keep everyone 6ft apart. Make sure all the desks are separated and if possible, install desk dividers.  If you need help getting these installed, ask a handy-man if your janitorial company does not offer this service.

4.     Have Cleaning and Sanitation Procedures in place:

Train your employees on cleaning and disinfecting. Make sure they are washing their hands frequently. Have hand sanitizing stations throughout the office. Talk with your janitorial cleaning company to implement cleaning and disinfecting of regular touched surface areas. Make sure any shared areas like the kitchen, restroom, and printing areas are being disinfected frequently.  Ask your janitorial company to add extra disinfecting services. If your office was being cleaned three times a week, now is a good time to switch to five times a week. Adding a 2-4 hour day porter may also a good option.

5.      Have an emergency plan ready:

If someone tests positive for Covid-19, have a plan ready to make sure anyone that was in the office is informed so they can take necessary precautions. Call your janitorial cleaning company to come do an Electrostatic Fogging Disinfecting service as this service will kill the virus in the area as well as help make employees feel safe returning back into the office.

Implementing a Sanitation and Disinfecting Plan for your Workplace

April 7th, 2021   •   No Comments   

Is your office open or opening back up soon? Creating a routing sanitation and disinfecting plan is important to reduce the risk of exposing your employees or clients to Covid-19. The following are things that you should implement to keep everyone in your office as safe as possible.

1.  Create a Sanitation and Disinfecting Plan

  • Evaluate what surfaces are cleaned in a normal cleaning routine and which surfaces are frequently touched and need to be disinfected properly.
  • Make sure frequently touched surfaces are properly cleaned first. After they are cleaned make sure they are disinfected with a product from the EPA’s list of approved products that are effective against Covid-19. Very important to understand there is a difference in cleaning and disinfecting.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not mix bleach with any other cleaning products.
  • If the office has been closed for more than 7 days, the office will only need a deep cleaning. This is due to the Covid-19 virus not surviving on surfaces for that long of a period.
  • Add a day porter or have someone in the office clean high-touched areas during business hours. Depending on the amount of people at the office and your operational budget, we suggest an 8 hour day porter to a 4 hour day porter.

2. What Areas Should be Disinfected?

  • Tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets and sinks, touch screens, ATM machines, printers, shredders, and copy machines.

3. Keep Disinfecting Supplies in the Office

  • Leave disinfecting wipes around shared equipment and ask employees to wipe them down after they are used.
  • Make sure to have strategically placed hand sanitizers around the office and in communal spaces and touch points.

4.     Social Distance and Wear Face masks

  • Encourage your employees to keep wearing their face mask and maintain social distance around the office.
  • Change office layout or consider adding dividers to help follow social distance guidelines.
  • Cancel all in person meetings if social distance cannot be met.

5.     Emergency Disinfecting Services

  • Make sure to have an emergency plan with your Janitorial Cleaning Company if someone in the office tests positive for Covid-19.
  • Most Janitorial Cleaning Companies offer Electrostatic Disinfecting Services. Have a plan ready in case of any emergency.

Adding a Day Porter is Now Essential

March 9th, 2021   •   No Comments   

Almost a year ago, the world as we knew it changed forever. Hopefully one day things will go back to normal, but as of right now, we are still in the middle of a pandemic. As your employees  are preparing to head back into the office over the coming weeks, one thing you can do to better protect  your business is to staff up on a Day Porter Cleaning Service. A Day Porter is a cleaning professional that is staffed during regular working hours to continuously clean and disinfect high traffic areas.  Here’s how adding this cleaning professional to your business could help protect your employees:

  1. Prevent the Spread of Covid-19:

Before Covid-19, a cleaning company would mostly go at night to service the facility. They would take care of the basic cleaning. Covid-19 changed cleaning companies and the services they offer. One of the main focuses of a cleaning company is to disinfect and sanitize the facilities. There are many offices that are still open and employees  aren’t able to work from home. To stop the spread of Covid-19, it’s important to have a day porter disinfecting and sanitizing high touched surfaces. Day porters can service break rooms and restrooms through the day. 

  1. High Traffic Hours

Disinfecting Day Porters can make sure to keep everything clean and stocked during high traffic hours. You might feel you only need a day porter for a few hours a day. They can come during lunch hours and service the break rooms to make sure everything is cleaned after lunch. They can also service the restrooms to make sure they are fully stocked and cleaned after the high traffic hours.

  1. Emergency Cleaning

Accidents happen frequently especially in offices. People spill their coffee on the rugs, break things, etc. Day porters can take care of any accidents around the office. They can clean up spills as soon as they happen, which can help prevent those hard to remove carpet stains.

  1. Customizable Service

Every office is different. Depending on what your needs are, a cleaning company can work with you and customize the day porter service you are looking for. Cleaning companies will work with you and your schedule. 

Hiring a day porter has many benefits. The most important right now is to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Talk to your cleaning company to see what they are offering to help keep your office as safe as possible.

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