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t was a rough year for bars and restaurants with Covid-19 but finally things are getting better and soon back to normal. It’s nice to see some of our old clients reopening. Things for sure are starting to feel like it’s back to normal. However, things have definitely changed in the cleaning protocols. You probably don’t notice but businesses have changed their cleaning routines and increased the cleaning frequency with their janitorial company. Take a look at the new cleaning routines for bars reopening after Covid-19.

1.     Deep Cleaning

To protect your employees and customers, businesses have to create a deep cleaning routine. You need to not just thoroughly clean but now also disinfect every area where people have access to. Businesses and Janitorial cleaning companies also have had  to change the cleaning products they use. They need to use products that provide lasting protection against viruses and bacteria.

2.     Cleaning of Back and Front of the House

Most restaurants hire cleaning companies and have them just focus on either the front of the house or the back of the house. It’s important to clean both equally. The back of the house can have a lot of bacteria that can easily spread. In the front of the house, you need to make sure you are disinfecting all tables and chairs after each customer. Clients appreciate the cleaning protocol too and will want to go back if they feel safe.

3.     Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Cleaning Schedule

There are items that you need to be constantly cleaning and disinfecting to keep your facility safe. Make a list and stay on top of those items consistently. Work with your janitorial company to create a work scope  that is customized specifically to fit your space’s needs with a cleaning schedule to help the cleaner stay on track. Creating checklists helps keep track of what needs to be cleaned daily, weekly and monthly and ensures nothing is left untouched.

Even though some of these cleaning routines existed before Covid-19, not all of them were properly followed. Customers will be expecting the highest level of cleanliness from your business. Make sure cleaning and disinfecting routines are a top priority.