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E veryone has to do their part when it comes to recycling to help create a better world, especially in Austin, TX.  Recycling can be a little more complicated than you think. People need to be properly trained, if not, it can be costly for the company with excessive fines from the city.

If you know how to recycle, it can be easy. Just follow the following steps:

1.     Know what to Throw Out:

You can throw out cardboard, paper, metal cans, plastic bottles and jugs.

2.     Empty, clean and Dry:

All items need to be clean and dry. You will need to rinse out all bottles, cans and jugs. Dirty items can contaminate all the other items. If cardboards or paper touch food, it can no longer be recycled.

3.     Don’t Bag It:

You should never throw any items in a bag. Remove all bags from recycling containers. Bags can jam the machinery and that’s why it’s very important not to throw bags in the recycling bins.

4.     Breakdown Boxes:

You’ll need to break down all the boxes before throwing them in the recycling bin.

5.     Don’t recycling small items:

If it’s smaller then a credit card, do not recycle. Small items can jam the machinery.

6.     Contaminated Items:

If the recycling smells, it’s contaminated. You’ll have to remove everything and rinse out the recycling bin.

7.     Separate Materials:

Keep plastic, metal, paper, and cardboard separately when recycling.

8.     Plastic that is Recyclable:

If you can poke a hole with your finger, it’s too soft to be recycled.

Here is a list of items that are not recyclable:

1.     Plastic Bags and Wrappers

2.     Styrofoam

3.     Greasy Pizza Boxes

4.     Food

5.     Electronics & Batteries

6.     Yard Waste

7.     Diapers

8.     Soiled Paper

9.     Clothing & Shoes

10.  Tools

11.  Toys

12.  Construction Waste

13.  Medical Waste

14.  Scrap Metal

Please do keep in mind that depending on the city, these guidelines may vary a bit. Hope this helps you recycle better and avoid any fines!