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This might shock you but research has proven that humans cannot really multitask! It is very hard to juggle a number of tasks at the same time. If you concentrate on doing one thing at a time, it will be more likely that the quality of your work will be better and you will make less mistakes. The same goes for janitorial services at an office space. That is why cleaning staff do “team cleaning”.

A good example of Team Cleaning with 4 people: One person focuses on collecting trash throughout the cubicles, offices, etc. A second person takes care of the vacuuming using a backpack vacuum. A third person focuses on deep cleaning the restrooms. And last, a 4th team members takes care of the dusting and a few other tasks.

There are some instances when the office our staff cleans is very small that only one cleaner takes care of the cleaning services. Team cleaning works mostly when servicing larger buildings with 20,000 Sq ft or higher. Usually the larger buildings are concentrated in the downtown area.  Have you ever stopped and wondered how janitorial companies tackle such large office spaces?

When it comes to large office spaces, Janitorial cleaning companies work in teams. Here are some of the many advantages or separating the tasks within a cleaning team:

1.     Offer a higher quality of cleaning performed in less time

2.     Lowers equipment cost and can offer lower prices to clients

3.     Team member can easily cover for each other when someone calls in sick

4.     Teams have a better-balanced workload and responsibilities with less room for error.

Janitorial cleaning companies that work in teams offer consistent cleaning services that improves the overall appearance of your facility.  APCS’s top priority is to satisfy their clients and offer efficient and top-quality services at a great cost. Please contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you keep your facility in top notch shape!