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T here are many things property managers need to take care of to keep their properties up to the high standards of their tenants. We all agree, the cleanliness of the building should be top priority. Hiring a reliable cleaning company to take care of the facility is a must. The perfect janitorial company has to offer quality, consistency and a full array of services. Here are the different cleaning services property managers are looking for.

1.     Restroom Cleaning and Restocking Consumables:

Keeping the restrooms of your property cleaned and fully stock is one of the most important things. People judge you buy how clean the restrooms are. Hire a cleaning company that keeps your restrooms in great conditions and fully stocked.

2.     Parking Lot Cleaning and Pressure Washing:

Parking lots are usually not a big concern until they are. Keep an eye out on the cleanliness of the parking lot. Make sure trash is picked up daily and schedule a power wash twice a year or once a year if you have a low budget. Parking lots can get pretty dirty especially because people tend to throw trash from their cars, spill drink, and many other things.

3.     Common Areas and Groundskeeping:

Many property managers hire cleaning companies to take care of all the common areas. Hallways in residential and commercial spaces get very dirty. Cleaning companies can clean them and even machine scrub or pressure wash them. This is also something you should take care of frequently. The longer it goes by without cleaning them the more expensive it will be. Cleaning companies can do so many other things to help keep your building looking nice. Groundskeeping is very important as well. People throw trash everywhere. Having a day porter walk the property daily is very important. Other areas that need to be cleaned are the clubhouse/lounge and the gym. It’s important to keep all the common areas cleaned to keep your tenant safe especially with Covid-19.

4.     High Dusting Services:

It’s crazy how quick things get dusty and full of cobwebs in Austin. Make sure to schedule a high dusting quarterly. You don’t want your hallways to seem like they are decorated for Halloween all year!

5.     Machine Scrub and VCT Strip & Wax Services:

Most newer buildings are going with the polished cement flooring. These types of floors are great and need minimal maintenance. A once a year machine scrub and reseal will keep these floors looking like new!  Another popular flooring material still found in buildings is VCT. These floors depending on the foot traffic should be high speed buffed between once a month to quarterly. Spray buffing helps remove scuff marks and restore shine on the floors.

At APCS we started offering all of these services since 2008. We noticed our janitorial clients were looking for one company that could do it all. They love working with one vendor for all of their facility maintenance needs vs having to hire 4-5 different vendors.