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A fter a year of uncertainty, we are starting to see more and more office spaces reopen. Even though Covid-19 cases have dropped and many are getting vaccinated, you may still find it important to help your employees feel safe as they return back to the work space. Here are some things employers can do to ensure employees feel safe.

1.    Create Covid-19 Signage:

Make sure you have the appropriate signage around the office to keep people informed and as a reminder to wear a mask (if you are requiring that), to disinfect and/or wash hands frequently.

2.     Encourage Work from Home (if applicable):

If an employee is feeling sick, it’s better if they stay home. Consider having a quick online survey for them to fill out every morning if you feel that is necessary. Also, have a checklist with Covid-19 symptoms and send home any employee that has any of the symptoms.

3.    Encourage Social Distancing:

If necessary, you may ask employees to still wear face masks and keep everyone 6ft apart. Make sure all the desks are separated and if possible, install desk dividers.  If you need help getting these installed, ask a handy-man if your janitorial company does not offer this service.

4.     Have Cleaning and Sanitation Procedures in place:

Train your employees on cleaning and disinfecting. Make sure they are washing their hands frequently. Have hand sanitizing stations throughout the office. Talk with your janitorial cleaning company to implement cleaning and disinfecting of regular touched surface areas. Make sure any shared areas like the kitchen, restroom, and printing areas are being disinfected frequently.  Ask your janitorial company to add extra disinfecting services. If your office was being cleaned three times a week, now is a good time to switch to five times a week. Adding a 2-4 hour day porter may also a good option.

5.      Have an emergency plan ready:

If someone tests positive for Covid-19, have a plan ready to make sure anyone that was in the office is informed so they can take necessary precautions. Call your janitorial cleaning company to come do an Electrostatic Fogging Disinfecting service as this service will kill the virus in the area as well as help make employees feel safe returning back into the office.