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T he holidays are around the corner and many of us are very excited, but is your office having a holiday party this year? Last year many offices had virtual holiday parties. This year many things have changed, especially with many employees being vaccinated, offices have opened back up. How can you keep your office holiday party safe? The following are tips that can help you have safe office holiday parties.

1.     Hire a cleaning company to disinfect during the party:

This might be one of the most important things you’ll need to do. Don’t wait till the end of the party to clean the space. Hire a cleaning company to make sure they are disinfecting restrooms/breakrooms/tables etc. while guests are in attendance at the party. Ask them to pay special attention to frequently touched areas like door handles, faucets, bathroom stalls, etc.

2.     Limit the size of the party:

It might be a good idea to do different parties to split groups. Keep it 15-30 people max. Also, depending on the size of the venue and how many guests you’ll have you can see if you need 1-3 cleaners cleaning and disinfecting during the party.

3.     Schedule cleaning once party is over:

Who wants to worry about cleaning the space once the party is over? Have a cleaning company help you with that. Maybe the same team that was cleaning and disinfecting during the party can help with a deep cleaning once the party is completed.

Holiday parties will be different from now on, but they can still be fun! Preparing in advance will help ensure employees feel safe.